When was the last time a sports hero really made you realize how much athletics means to young people all over the world? Or even grown people too, at any age? Well, this lesson comes from the world of tennis.

Turns out Ace Roger Federer saw this rooftop, long-distance, amazing game video made by two sport hopefuls Carola and Vittoria in Finale Ligure, Italy.

(Amazing World put music behind it.)

This is what caught his eye.

Next, Barilla, an Italian pasta giant, had the marketing team inspo to fly the Swiss legend to Finale Ligure to meet these young women, aged 11 and 13. However, the girls had no advance warning, during what was supposed to be yet another media hit since The New York Times picked up the story back in the Spring. With the world in tailspin, Federer puts topspin on your day in these behind the scenes moments.

Si, it’s a Wonderful (Tennis) World.

Now grab your racket, golf club, badminton bird, squash ball, fishing rod, ballet shoes, and work out!


Take that, #lockdown. These two are going to tennis camp, thanks to Roger Federer and pal Nadal.


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