If a mother Rose says to its baby Rose flowers comparing it’s fragrance and beauty with Jasmine or Lilly that they are beautiful flowers than us and you should become like Jasmine or Lilly then now on this earth no one would be knowing about Rose. Luckily flowers do not compare with each other.

By agreeing with her mother if baby Rose struggles to become like Jasmine or Lilly then it would have lost its energy, beauty, fragrance and led a life of disappointment. Imagine Rose painting its body like Jasmine or keeping a mask of Lilly or trying to change its fragrance like Jasmine by applying new Jasmine scent on its body. We know how beautiful a rose is with its natural form, Rose doesn’t need to aim to become someone else. It is enough if Rose lead its life just naturally without aiming to become someone else. Just in its natural form it can win millions of hearts. 

Jut like the above Rose, we all are highly unique and creative. As we all know we humans are also part of nature, we are as unique and creative as rose or jasmine. On this planet everything is unique and has its own life purpose. However, we start comparing ourselves with others and loose our own identity. These comparisons start in our childhood. This makes us ignore our own unique strengths eventually.

“Comparison kills creativity within us”. Suppressing our natural talent by comparisons leads to loosing a great opportunity to create something new. Many like Steve jobs or Einstein used their natural abilities and created something new. However, some of us still get stuck in comparisons.

We must find out what we enjoy doing it day and night and surely that work will create something new and it will become a gift to human race just like how Einstein’s natural talent appreciated by whole world. I am sure Einstein did not work to become someone else or to be famous or became competitive or did not work for appreciation or award, Just like him there are many famous people who created something new and we are enjoying their creativity.

Especially parents should stop comparing their kids with someone else and should start treating them as unique. If we can keep and preserve kids natural creativity and uniqueness then when they grow up they will use their natural unique talents to create something new for advancement of human race. We don’t need kids who want to grow and become like someone else but we want them in their natural form.

And about people who cross childhood and grew up under the influence of comparisons must practice meditation to get into the state of purity and natural form that we had when we were children. The original creativity and our pure state of mind we still carry in our minds, it is just that we lost the awareness of it.

Meditation can help us improve awareness. This awareness helps us to come out from influence of comparisons to retain and recognize our own pure creative mind and life purpose.

Practice meditation daily to spread your fragrance of original unique strengths and talents to the universe.  


  • Krishna Kishore

    meditation practitioner

    Meditation, Psychic reading ( Trained by Debra Lynn Katz from International School of Clairvoyance),Quantum physics and spirituality, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Nature Healing are some of my deepest interests. I read books that touch variety of subjects. I am a continuous learner and thinker. Meditation practice helped me to understand my life situation better and I came out of many issues. I thought there are many around me who are in the same situation, hence, I started sharing benefits of meditation with very simple examples to make everyone in the world understand the importance of doing Meditation. By profession I am into Talent Acquisition, I am a recruiter. Currently working with a company called Postman in Bangalore, India. In past I worked with Indeed,Inc, Google, Yahoo! R&D ,and Walmart as a recruiter. I am married and blessed with a cute little angel.