1. Marathons are no new term when it comes to the ethos and spirit of professional running and runners. Similarly, wanderlust is not a new term when it comes to the ethos and spirit of travelers and their adventures. As a reader, I come across several blogs which deal with the two of these areas separately.

A very few of them bother to combine them and bring it to the notice of the world. Also, a running blog is here, which deals with all the relevant accessories required for running. Out of all the people in the world, some are inclined towards running, some serve food to their soul through their adventures and travels, some choose none of the two while some find enjoyment in both.

Thenceforth, in order to give both an eye-pleasing and feet pleasing experience to the people falling in 4th category, we have a some of the best path around the globe which fulfills their soul with contentment and acts as a relaxing pill by giving them a trail to run to relax their itching feet where the exotic and fine views of the route fulfills their bug of an adventurous traveller.

1. Ice Marathons (Antarctica)

A series of 13 Ice Marathons have been organized by now. The 14th Ice Marathon of Antarctica is scheduled to be on 13th December 2018. The Ice marathon of Antarctica charges a huge amount of 8400 pound sterling per individual for the participation. Alongside the full marathon, the participants are open to choose the option of half marathon or an ultra one as well.

The competitors are supposed to possibly run on a stream which lacks supporters and landmarks with the katabatic winds in an altitude of 700 meters and on a snow – ice stream in an average wind – chill factor of -20°C. However, all the people participating in the race will be able to experience a competition in the most southernmost marathon in the world and the only run in the Antarctic interior.

2. Table Mountain Crossings (South Africa)

Whether you are a runner or not, if you plan to visit Cape Town in future anytime, you must a give a try to hiking the incredible and iconic Table Mountain Crossings at least once. And, if you have that running bug inside you, you won’t really be satisfied with a simple walk. Along the run or walk, you get treated with splendid views of its coastal environment across the lovely and lively city. The inclination of this path is worth to cover once you reach the top by the time of sunrise or sunset.

3. The Copper Canyon (Mexico)

Tarahumara situated in the backward canyons of Mexico’s north has produced some of the world’s best ultra – runners. These people are so effortless, that they run straight for hundred miles through the combative routes until they’re in their 60’s. Their attires during their run doesn’t intentionally but roundly ends up mocking at the expensive sportswear produced by big industries.

Unlike the professionals, they choose to wear bright and billowing shirts and a basic pair of sandals. To challenge their running skills, Tarahumara people have witnessed several western runners visiting there to try their luck by taking out a competition with them but even the best of the ultra – runners have failed to match them.

The astonishing runners of Mexico’s Copper Canyon were brought to limelight by the Chris McDougall in his 2009 published ‘Born to run’.

4. Patagonian International Marathon (Chile)

Carried out in September in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, the Patagonian International Marathon happens in an ultra, a half and a 10k run. Organised in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the marathon doesn’t offer an easy route but is surely assures you the most alluring and attractive landscape in the laps of nature which is everything worth remembering.

5. Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon (Nepal)

The word ‘Everest’ allows anything and everything to become the highest or greatest of its arena. Likewise, the Everest Marathon is the highest marathon in the world. It is organized every year in the month of May. Beginning 7,598 feet above sea level at the Everest Base Camp, the annual marathon paves its way along the mountain routes through the magnificent landscape view of the majestic Himalayas.

The path inclined mainly downhill, along with two perpendicular uphill sections, requires the dedication of time. To be competing in the race, all the participants must arrive in the country three weeks before the scheduled date to for a thorough acquisition of the surroundings.

Running is a hobby for some and a passion for few. But traveling is a joy to so many, if not to all. Treat the runner and traveler inside you with these trails filled with wanderlust to satisfy your soul with all that you have been searching since forever.