It’s so interesting how we set up rules and conditions for ourselves and then pass that right to our kids. A code you can crack…starting with food!!

When I was little I was told to finish my plate. I was a super skinny scrawny girl. So it was pretty common for me to “not feel like eating” or “feel full”. But I was told by every adult around me that if I finished my food I’d get dessert. That didn’t always work. So I was also told that there were starving kids in Ethiopia and it was selfish of me to waste.
I so clearly remember it. I felt terrible and guilty. It also made me feel like my own feelings coming up from my body were wrong. I learned not to trust myself. I learned that I had to DO something in order to RECEIVE acceptance. That if I did NOT eat then I did not get approval, love etc.

OK WOW!! Right??? I have played this exact pattern out over and over in every area of my life. And as a mom??? Holy Shit!!! Yup!!! Of course I have done this exact thing with my kiddo more times than I can even count.
What about you?? Such common practice in our culture…so I’d imagine this happened to you as a kid and you have likely repeated over and over in your life and with your kids too.
Here’s the beauty and the magic in all of this. Becoming aware of this conditioning. It’s such a gift. To awaken to it all. No judgement or shame or blame. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to buck against some social norms…and ask yourself, “IS that really a condition I want to operate under? Do I want my kids to?”

Before the age of 8 you were likely taught these conditions…

  • That if I eat all my food I get a reward.
  • That if I don’t eat all my food then shame on me for wasting.

As an adult you clean your plate…no matter what your body says. In fact it’s likely that you don’t even know what you’re body is saying. You have become so conditioned to not trust yourself that you have disconnected completely from the signs, symptoms and screams.
I hope you honor this discovery as much as I do. I hope that we can collectively become reconnected to the inner wisdom of our bodies.

Obesity continues to skyrocket. The nutritional supplement industry is a cash cow. There are more fitness and diet solutions out there then there are humans in existence at this point. Yet we are heavier and sicker than ever.

It’s not an external solution…it starts with awakening internally. Drop the conditioning and learn to trust yourself implicitly. Then pass that to your kids. The vision of the future…fucking amazing!!! One where we have revolted against all those social rules that suppressed our uniqueness, humanity and divinity!!! We won’t just heal ourselves but heal each other!!

I’m raising my hand for that!! I am open!!