It was a paradise

Peaceful, Harmonious

With Innocent mind and Pure Heart

As a Fresh Water and Air

Never been Polluted and Contaminated

Nothing could ask for more

But to live there forever

Despite all of this, I chose to Run Away

That was an unwise decision out of ignorance and innocence

The paradise had been ruined

Destroyed and Forgotten

Caused by the curiosity

Like an innocent child

In thirst of everything

But unknown for the danger ahead

Now, I want to Run, Run Away, Again

The pollution suffocates my consciousness

It’s annoying, making my mind crazy

It left me unconsciously in despair

Left me in disappointment, regret and sorrow

Been looking for a new place to escape

Wanting to Leave it all behind

and To start over again on a Paradise

However, undeniably, they would keep coming back

A stain that could never be removed

Keep on haunting me like a hungry Wolf

If I would Run Away, there’s no place to go

But to…. Run Away.