I recommend dedicating a notebook for journaling your manifestation journey. Here’s an exercise to get you started.

  1. First, in your journal, write down something you would like to call into your life. Something you desire, something you’d like to manifest. This could be anything, money, a new home, love, career, travel, health, friendship, anything that your soul yearns for.
  2. Second, write down what it looks like. Use a lot of adjectives. What are the colors? For example, if you are trying to manifest a house, describe the layout. Is the laundry room on the main level? Are there hardwood floors? Make it so that if you were explaining it to someone else, they could visualize it too.
  3. Third, I want you to turn these visualizations into feelings. How do you feel? What emotions do you experience? Be very specific. Using the example of manifesting a house, you may feel secure, at peace, content. 

Now look back at everything you wrote and ask yourself this, do you believe it? Do you believe in your gut that someday you will have this in your life? Be honest with yourself. The majority of you will say no. If that’s you, don’t sweat it. I can get you up and running. If you answered yes, I’m sending you a virtual high five. Keep going sister. You are an inspiration.

Believe, receive.

For me, I was stuck at step three forever. I could visualize everything from the style of my kitchen cabinets down to the dishes inside them. I could envision my family celebrating holidays, but I couldn’t feel it. My emotions were completely disconnected.

Manifestation Out Of Necessity

About 10 years ago, my husband surprised me with the purchase of a new home. I was blindsided. But that was the concession to staying home with my kids. He still should have told me. I was mad as hell for a long time and the negative energy was always heavy in the air. I was trading in a city life for a rural life. The kind of rural where the grocery store is 20 minutes away. Can you feel the animosity jumping off of the page? This was my dark night of the soul.

“You can’t manifest abundance living someone else’s dream.” – Joy And The Coconut

Upon moving into this little house tucked away on a secluded mountain, I pulled up my boot strings and went to work. After all, we agreed that this would be a temporary home. My husband didn’t want to leave the mountain, so I figured that was where I should start. I concocted a manifestation plan to make everyone happy. With 40+ family members celebrating events at my house, I needed something bigger. So I set my plan in motion.

I talked to real estate agents to find land and went to the county to pull records. I researched hundreds of architectural plans until I found the exact house I was looking for. Bingo!

Running Down A Dream

Every night while I drifted off to sleep, I would dream of my future home. Opening the front door, I would make my way through the foyer to the kitchen, eyes set on the beautiful island, my favorite cabinetry, and my large, boisterous family filling the room. But, I couldn’t feel it. The emotions weren’t there. A year went by, then five, then 10, then suddenly I thought we’d gotten our big break. We missed the offer by 24 hours. I never felt peace or joy in that little home. My frustration was at fever pitch. All these years were going by and here I was, standing still. My life was stagnant. Why couldn’t I manifest anymore when it once came so easily? 

Dreaming For Someone Else

After years of researching, reading, and talking, my soul was ignited and enlightenment set me free. This wasn’t MY dream home I was trying to manifest. It was someone else’s. My husband’s lifetime dream was to live tucked away on a secluded mountain. I tried to like this new world. I really did. But no matter how hard I tried, all this time I was trying to manifest a dream my husband had already accomplished. Of course my manifestation plan didn’t work. For the first time I asked myself, what do I want? Furthermore, who was I? I had to untangle the untruths my subconscious was telling me. These were very difficult conversations. Admittedly, my self-worth was non-existent. And I don’t know how long I lived in that space.

“Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again.” – Joy And The Coconut

Shadow Work

I lost myself on that mountain. It was there I convinced myself that I wasn’t worthy of anything. Money, love, respect, joy. My personality died there. I believed all of it and I reminded myself everyday. That’s when I started my shadow work. The theory of the shadow self was first discovered by Carl Jung, renowned psychologist. In my eBook I will discuss shadow work in more detail, but essentially it is about incorporating the hidden part of yourself into the personality that the world sees. By doing this, you live as your whole self. There is the law of polarity and it exists within us too.

Personal Life Coaching

I have introduced personal coaching to Joy And The Coconut and I am offering a free 30 minute coaching session. As your personal coach, I will help you identify your goals, work through any issues of self-limiting behaviors, and devise an action plan to manifest your best life. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, and get to the root of why you aren’t achieving your goals. To get started with a free 30-minute consultation, click here! Nothing to lose and so much to gain.

How I Can Help:

  1. Finding and Living Your Purpose
  2. Accomplishing Significant Goals
  3. Building Courage and Taking The Leap
  4. Releasing Self-Limitations
  5. Building and Strengthening Relationships
  6. Managing Transitions
  7. Building Confidence
  8. Increase Body Confidence
  9. Building a Personal Brand
  10. Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

My book on manifestation is now available on Amazon. In the book I delve more into specifics in manifestation with different exercises throughout.

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