At Kings Cross on a cold Dec evening, before the start! Christmas hats and all!


Housing and accommodation in London has reached crisis point or rather the lack of it! The homeless on the streets are ever increasing and the situation is dire. So bad that single people are considered OK to be on the streets! This is what I found out when I was unfairly evicted from my home in August. The council would not rehouse me as I am single with no dependents. They said that at 60 I was fit enough to be on the streets, even though it was not my fault I lost my home!

The Start

On a cold December evening, Wed the 11th to be exact about 27 committed, determined and energetic members and trainers of The gym, West Hampstead set out for an ambitious run from Kings Cross Station to Hammersmith Station to raise money for the homeless of London.

In great spirits at the start!

Having almost ended up on the streets myself recently, I am determined to do my bit for the cause as well. Which I did last year in a gruelling half marathon distance run we thought was only going to be about eight to ten miles! We ran from Finsbury Park in North London to Brixton in the South, stopping off at most of the stops on the Victoria Line tube to hand out clothes, food etc to the homeless on the streets along the way.

This was the team finishing last year! Many running this year as well.

The Run

Yesterday sadly I could not run as my hips are giving trouble, Osteoarthritis. Which I guess was not helped by training and running five London Marathons in past years. My Mum also had bad arthritis in old age so it could be inherited. I helped this year by going from stop to stop by tube with a colleague to hand out water and goodies to the runners.

The runners report that the run yesterday was easier than the one we did last year, because it was shorter, along the Hammersmith & City Line of the London tube line. They were fast too we had to rush to keep up with them riding the tube, possibly they are also fitter one year on but do not realise it?

Results & The Future

The plan is to get bigger, and longer says the organiser with runs set up under one banner and run by members and trainers of the numerous gym group gyms in London. And later the whole of Britain maybe?

Several thousand pounds has been raised for Crisis this year and last. It was all organised by a fellow trainer and colleague of The gym in West Hampstead, London – Rowan Clift and I think it’s an amazing thing to set up. The world we live in is tough and getting harder every day, we need to help and support those less fortunate. This is also a great thing to do to make yourself feel fit, vital and worthwhile. Benefits are win, win work your body, heal your mind, feel good and help those in a worse situation than you.

Rowan also plans to run the London Marathon in a year or so which I know he will smash with his Run for Cover runner mates. Pity I cannot join them but you never know maybe my joints will improve. Certainly sad to sit on the side lines after running marathons myself although happy to do so for the cause.

The 11th was a great success, with no lasting injuries or problems on route or afterwards. In fact it was celebration time after drinks and snacks in a bar nearby! Long may it continue this great idea for helping others.

Run for Cover, supporting Crisis and the homeless.