Running a business takes a lot more work than the average person may think. Though you don’t need a degree to open up a shop, it might help to at least do a little bit of research on operating a business, before you open the doors.


Not only do you have to worry about permits and taxes, but you must also register with your state as a business. This can take some time, and you must complete all your paperwork before you open your doors, otherwise, you may be subject to a fine.

Checking your state government website might be the best place to begin. They often have small business links to get you where you need to be. These links can lead you to the rules and regulations of running a small business in your state. You will have to register your business first, then register with the IRS.

You may also need to register with your county and city in which you plan to operate the business. If registration is required, they will issue you a permit to operate.

Attorneys and Accountants

Find an attorney and hire an accountant. Word of mouth may be one of the best ways to find a good attorney and accountant. These steps will save you a lot of grief. An attorney will represent you in the case of a ligation. The accountant will help you go over costs with the IRS if you are audited. Also, a good business accountant should know how to run the figures. Sometimes a business owner may also hire a business operator. This person is in charge of the daily operation of the business. They oversee the hiring, the inventory, and all daily aspects of the business.

Consider the Aesthetics

If you are a business owner of a brick and mortar building, you are well-aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. From the moment customers walk through the door, they are judging your business based on what they see, hear, smell, and feel.

Not only do you have to provide solid customer service, but you also have to provide adequate space for your customers. If you have an outdoor space, it may be worth your time to place awnings above the outdoor area. You can often find commercial awnings online.

Keeping your building clean, and free of debris is important. Don’t neglect the bathrooms either. A regularly scheduled cleaning routine should be employed throughout the building.


The key to staying in business is customers. Without customers, you have no sales, and therefore by extension, no business. Advertising is a good way to bring in customers. This can be done with billboards, newspaper ads, listing online specials, or trying out something different like Groupon. Customers love feeling like they are getting a good deal. And repeat customers are great for the business.


Though running a business takes a lot more work than most people think, it can be well worth it. Seeing your own place come alive satisfies a deeply creative spirit within. Keeping the right people by your side throughout the endeavor is essential. And as with anything, the task becomes easier with experience.