Running a big business is great, but it can take a toll on you. You know this intuitively too: there are some people in your life that are pudgy and feeble due to their lifestyles and others, who have that commanding presence of physical well-being that exudes confidence and power.

Furthermore, being fit and strong has started to gain some good traction in the business world. Jocko Willink who’s an ex-marine, business consultant and Joe Rogan who’s a podcast host and a businessman have become the exemplars of the capabilities that individuals have to become healthy.

You shouldn’t waste your time and resources doing suboptimal things. Here’s how to become fit and strong while on a packed schedule.

You’re More Than Just Successful Business Owner

Mindset leads you to success or failure. Reading this means you are interested in health and fitness, and that’s the first step. However, there is a big chasm between taking the first tentative steps and being actually fit, strong and successful.

That’s why you need to start thinking of yourself not only as successful business owner or a high performing professional but also as a healthy and fit person. Your self-image determines how you see the world, what possibilities you notice and what action you can – and will – subsequently take. You have to become fit and strong in your mind before you manifest that physically.

Find Someone Who Will Work with You and Not Just for You

It is highly advisable to get a coach. This means hiring a professional to help you. Find an individual who designs a custom program with you based on your needs and schedule. Do that rather than getting a commercial gym trainer who throws a cookie cutter program at you and says, “good luck”.

Allowing someone else to take care of your diet is extremely helpful for getting the results you want, be it fat loss, muscle gain or both. A diet planned by a professional and meals delivered by a meal prep company can easily shave hours from your intense schedule.

Your time is more valuable somewhere else, let professionals use their time to help you gain strength, confidence, and energy. Remember that quality sleep means quality energy

Just like physical training, sleep quality has been getting more attention as well. The shift from glorifying sleepless nights working at a project to understanding the cumulative benefits of better sleep is slowly happening. Simple tips like avoiding caffeine 6 hours before bedtime, dimming your lights and having a silent cool room to sleep in can make the difference between a night of frustrating drowsing and restoring deep sleep.

Accountability Is Everything

Frankly, if you sleep too little and too poorly, getting it right might need to be an even bigger priority than starting training. So, execute on the above simple tips and see your mood and energy skyrocket.

Just like a weightlifter has to add weight to the bar rather than increase repetitions to increase his strength, you too have to maximize efficiency to get to your business goals. That’s why letting someone qualified to handle your physical training regimen and diet and taking your sleep seriously are actions for those who want to make their business hours full of energy, efficiency, and clarity.