No evil deed ever goes, unpunished! Justice (and truth) must prevail at some point. In fact, it will prevail. It may take time. It may come at a different season. Nevertheless, it will prevail at some time and some point. So, run wicked man (and woman)! Run!

People often sleep on the issue of righteousness. Many people believe that righteousness and goodness are for suckas and lovers. So often goodness is viewed as for the weak. Power is connected to evil. There are many powerful people, who use evil as a means to acquire power. It’s unfortunate. Nevertheless, it’s a reality. Yet, here is one question. Why is power only connected with evil? Why can it never seem to be associated with goodness? That’s an intriguing question. And yet, so few seem to answer it; or dare to answer it, anyhow. Why? Isn’t a legitimate question?

Still navigating in Jamaican landscapes. And the righteous are speaking. In fact, they are singing a new tune. It is not one of defeat. Nor is it one of caving into feaux notions of “God’s will,” which encourages inactivity from the righteous, in pursuit of justice. Through this narrative, and storyline, it is the righteous, who have won. How do you know? Well, it’s because the wicked are running. Oh, how far they are running. Running. Running. Running far away. You must know that evil cannot dwell where truth and righteousness, abide. Not at all. It cannot dwell, there; not even a small percentage of it.

The fact of the matter is there is power in righteousness. There is power in truth-telling. For the energies of these traits are nourishing. They are life-sustaining. Furthermore, they create infinite platforms for getting access to wealth (spiritual and material), the right way! Sounds much better than notions of “waiting on Heaven to receive one’s rewards.”

“Run wicked man, Jah Jah children after you”

“Run wicked man, Jah Jah children after you”

Well, this sounds different. Clearly, it’s not wise to test or mistreat the righteous; not for this song, anyhow. Afterall, there is a new tune being addressed. It is not one for watching like sitting ducks, as others continue to hurt and harass you. This time, the righteous are reactionary. They will react and drive out negative forces, which have no place in being there. Gone are the days when the Most High’s children are targets for Wickes behavior. For, courage is written in their hands and hearts.

“What you’re goin’ to do?”

“When there is no one to help you”

“What you’re goin’ to say?”

“When there is no one to protect you”

Evil cannot exist forever, can it? Sooner or later, justice must prevail. And, those who have wronged others will come to get their just due. You can’t stay live forever in harming others. Not at all. Not at all.

Sometimes, it’s very frustrating in being a good person. One doesn’t understand why evil is winning. It seems that even the righteous people with power are allowing evil to win. It’s beyond frustrating. Frankly speaking it can be downright agonizing. Then again, it’s only if we stay in a mentality of being defeated. It’s only if we stay in a mentality in thinking that righteousness is only limited to praying, keeping silent about what is happening, and waiting on Heaven. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are in a time, where goodness, righteousness, and holistic vibes are instruments of change; spreading justice across the Earth. Those are the moments, where we are in. People are angry about what is happening. Times are changing, and they are changing for the better. They are changing, for what is good.

“When the right time come”

It a go dread pon sound”

“When the right time come

“The wicked a go run”

“Some a go run to the raft”

Some a go run to the sea”

But there will be no war, there will be no war”

“To set the people dem free”

Justice comes for us all. It will always come. Therefore, in that particular moment, make sure you are on the right side. There is no place for wicked people, when righteousness comes. There is no place for them, not even in the smallest of spaces. In these current times, we are being made to assess how we are going to take a stand. What side are you current only? Have you become indifferent? Have you been silent about things, which you should not be silent about? Where do you stand on the audacity of truth? Where do you stand on the side of righteousness?

There will be a number of people, who are running on this day. Some of them you may know. Others will be strangers. Just make sure that you have lived a life of goodness, in order to be part of justice, on that very day.

Barry Brown