I’ve never had such a hard time doing nothing.

Well actually, I’ve never had the chance to have so much time to do nothing.

And I’m not very good at sitting still.

And when I do sit still and try to do just one thing, my mind races to all the other things I want to do, need to do, could do, should do and then I try to be still and do nothing… but I can’t.

I’m not talking about meditating and trying to still my mind. That is a whole other issue.

Rather there’s so much that I WANT to be doing – writing, marketing work, hobbies, exercise, reading, watching a favorite show, hang time with my hubby doing nothing together, talking to friends, things around the house, projects, art, creative projects or cooking. I want to do all of it and have to figure out how to do a few at the same time sometimes, like cooking and watching a show on my iPad in the kitchen or exercising and listening to an audible book or podcast.

But I know it’s so important to be still, to be able to LISTEN to myself. To allow those jewels inside me to shine and be still enough to recognize them and give space for the new and creative or unheard parts to emanate from within.

So “running in heels” may be a great metaphor for all that I was trying to do five months ago but now that I’ve spent this much time barefoot or in sneakers, I have to say that “running in flats” is a great metaphor for the way I’ve slowed down, smelled the roses, contemplated life and been able to LISTEN to more of what the next chapter will be, the chapter Reinvented…

Seriously, I’ve not worn heels in 20 weeks!! I might have to practice tonight while I’m cooking or cleaning the shower or doing a load of laundry.

My big personality and energy may have made me appear to be a little taller to you all these years, but I’m truly only “just over 5’4”” and have loved living in heels most of my adult life!

I’m teased about my shoe closet (yes it spilleth over) and I’m rarely seen in flats, unless I’m at the beach, paying tennis or taking an athletic walk, as opposed to a casual walk around a mall, the shopping streets or from the car park to a lunch date. My 2” heels are what I refer to as my “flats or comfy shoes” as my friends show off their cool kicks and designer sneakers.

Of course, I’ve had no problem walking in high heels 25+ blocks in NYC when I’m there for a week on business as I’m captivated by the energy of the city and the adrenaline of New York enables me to ignore any pain or pinching my shoes or boots may cause. Really, I don’t even notice it as I typically walk thru JFK in those same heels after a week pounding the pavement from meeting to meeting!

I wrote a blog five years ago titled “Running in Heels,” which has been a metaphor for my life.

Now seems like the perfect time to resurrect this blog and reflect on how things may have changed in this current moment in our lives.

So in honor of my high heels who are feeling sadly neglected, unused, unworn and lonely, and for all those who can relate or who are collecting their mail in their Louboutin’s, just for the fun of it…this one’s for you!

Blog Entry: October 14, 2015

“Running in Heels” – Ladies, Listen Up – This One’s for You!

A friend of mine recently referred to me as the “CEO of Running in Heels Magazine” — I laughed, thought it was cute and clever, and then realized what it really meant.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that statement and I’m officially owning it. It may be a metaphor but I can truly say I have definitely spent the last 30 years running in heels – from the day I opened the doors of my business – chasing and running after new business, running after the desire to be the best at what I do, keeping everyone happy, meeting our deadlines, reaching our goals and building a successful life full of love, health and prosperity.

Then came a family – running to create the ideal home, running to the market, running to the home design and supply stores to get the house in livable condition and keep improving on it), running to have a full social life, running to get home on time, running to put a meal on the table, running to keep my man happy.

Then came my fabulous children – running from work to home and back in the early days while juggling babies, nursing, diaper changing, playtime, reading time, cuddle time…all while juggling work, deadlines, clients, business travel. Running to and from one obligation to another while running home to those sweet and slowly growing faces, hugs, intense moments of love, education, and entertainment.

Then came school years – running to and from school meetings, events, conferences, functions, projects while running back to clients, office, work, airports and definitely running to airplanes. Running to get a little food, a little workout, a little playtime, and some lovin’ with my hubby.

Now I find myself running to catch my breath, running to find balance, running to find some inner peace while still juggling, running, traveling, working and running a great family and business!

Of course, as the years have gone on, we find new things to run to and from, we find new passions, hobbies, social occasions to layer into our fabulous and busy lives so we just keep running and running. We never really stop to think about the fact that we’re running from here to there – physically, mentally, emotionally – we just do it, as it’s just the way we have to move through all the things we have created in our lives.

All while wearing heels…

Yes, almost every day! I’m on the short side so I always felt that heels best complimented by work attire, definitely made me feel up to the task, and when I found platform sandals for weekends…eureka!

So yes, I deserve this title – CEO of Running in Heels Magazine – I own it and wear it proudly…as do all of the women out there who are running in these same heels! All the power to us! Have we started a new movement? Better run off to figure this out and build another business vertical!!


  • Kathi Sharpe-Ross

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