So not my usual kinda post, but definitely one I’ve enjoyed putting together. Inspired by a recent frosty forest walk with the pooches. The wintery photo shots in full swing and the almost daily forest adventures. This is fast becoming my favourite part of the year so far. One of the main reasons I thought I’d write about the benefits of fresh air.

I mean, to be fair, we’ve all had a rough ride really haven’t we?

The end of the bad times have arrived, a full re brand and shift in focus way back in April 2017 I can finally see the future ahead and I am looking forward to some wonderful changes to come.

There are a few very exciting things planned and I cannot wait to share them all. It’ll be a learning process right from the start so don’t expect miracles straight away. We’ll get there though. I am planning on writing a full post explaining this stuff soon though.

Ben and I have spent the past 11 years living very close to Chester. A busy bustling city full of great shopping, food and night life. This means that it’s always been busy, noisy and crowded. On the plus side we’ve always had all the amenities we need on our doorstep.

We moved out of the city into a rural village in August after a little bit of waiting around and although it’s temporary we are enjoying the countryside life. It can be a little isolating at times, but, it’s our little quiet haven for the time being.

fresh air

You can really tell the difference in the air quality. From the daily pollution in towns and cities to less going on and a higher altitude, I love the fresh air and taking strolls around the country lanes with the dogs. The fact that we live near our favourite forest is also a winner as we can take the dogs there most mornings, and as you can see, we can use it to our advantage to create some fun seasonal content too.

Fresh air really does have it’s perks, not only does it make you feel good but there are an abundance of health benefits too. You know me, always trying to keep it real with the healthy talk. When I can anyway.

Getting out in the fresh air is good for your body. From improving your blood pressure and strengthening your immune system, there is definitely good reason to go on that winter walk.

The walking is good for you on it’s own but coupled with the fresh countryside air and some peace and thinking time it does wonders for me and my temperamental ways. I find it therapeutic, and love spending as much time as I can in the great outdoors.

tranquillity and beauty

Okay, where we live at present is super quiet. I imagine once upon a time it wasn’t the case but since there has been a bypass, the village is very peaceful and tranquil.

You can walk down through the high street with the kids and dogs with no trouble and there is something beautiful to stop and look at all the way down.

The buildings are all pretty with their quaint little pastel doors and the old fire station is adorable. There are several cute cafes and loads of little shops and independent boutiques to explore whilst wandering through the village. As well as a children’s play area, a weekly market and a posh hotel round the corner if you fancy a pamper day at the spa.

time, better spent

Now I know this isn’t exactly down to where we live. We always have time, and the same amount of it. I have however found that I’m enjoying the art of slower living a little too much and I’m becoming a little bit of a potterer. If you get what I mean. If anything it benefits as I’ll be wandering around cleaning things, organising stuff and taking strolls out and about when I need a breakthrough.

It’s almost as though the rural surroundings are making a difference, I’m calmer, more relaxed and I feel like I can take my time, make decisions correctly and get on with the things that mean more to me.

There is less urgency. I think it’s mainly because being in a city it’s too easy to go out for breakfast, grab that coffee, pop to the local retail park for a look around and accidentally spending your rent money.

The fact that it takes around half an hour to reach any major towns or cities means that we aren’t as tempted by the delights of the fast turnover world. The rural life means we just take it easy and tend to only make journeys into town when absolutely essential which also means spending less money.

Can’t be a bad thing right?

At the end of the day as I watch the sunset over the welsh hills from my living room, I’m reminded daily that we are lucky to have the opportunity to experience a slower way of living. It’s a great way to live and has done wonders for my mental health and well being too.

I can turn in any direction and be hit with beautiful scenery, local historical sites and some great places to not only walk the dogs but to capture some great photos, I’m looking forward to the adventures that await and the new content that I am planning on sharing with you very soon.

I’ll admit I miss the ease of a local supermarket, having a choice of takeaways and having family and friends on my doorstep when I need them. As I said it’s only a temporary measure so we’ll be back in the city next year.

For now though, I’m going to take it easy and focus on the here and now.

Emma Allen

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