With obesity and depression rates rising steadily year on year, entrepreneurs like Russ Yeager are becoming more important than ever. Russ Yeager is known as a Physique Transformation Expert, and is currently one of the top fitness coaches in the world. After winning an international physique transformation contest himself, Russ was inspired to leave his career as a CPA, and dedicate his life to helping others look and feel amazing, reach goals they never thought possible, and “Exercise Their Right To Be Awesome.”  

The Inspiration

Growing up, Russ was known as one of the ‘chubby kids’. This identity followed him for most of his life, and he often found himself being envious of his friends who had fitter bodies and ‘abs’. 

It was not until he turned 27 years old that Russ finally decided to commit to his fitness journey and dedicate his time to it. 

“ I hired an online coach and entered an international physique transformation contest. Through this experience, I gained the knowledge, discipline and skills that have allowed me to grow my fitness brand for the last 19 years.”

Building a global Business

Russ encountered many obstacles and challenges that have shaped him into the entrepreneur he is today.

“Right after I made the decision to start my business, I went through a divorce and then the sudden death of my dad, who was also my best friend.”

 Russ was also later diagnosed with early bone-on-bone arthritis in both hips. He spent the next 11 years going through natural therapy before he eventually underwent hip replacement surgery. Rather than being deterred from his goal, all these challenges only served to inspire Russ even further.

“The biggest lesson I have learned and can share through these challenges is the importance of having a mindset of never quitting or giving up as there is always a way to overcome any challenge,” Russ shares. “I believe people will greatly benefit from hiring a coach or mentor, not only to tell them what to do, but to hold them accountable to doing it, keeping them motivated and inspired when life “punches them in the face” because it certainly will.”

A Brand Inspiring Thousands

Russ has now been active in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. Through his various programs, he has reached tens of thousands of clients and inspired them to live their best lives.

“I created my Body Transformation University Coaching Program and have now worked with people in 7 countries. It is awesome to see not only the physical changes they make in their bodies, but the incredible life changes they make.”

Russ credits his success entirely to hard work, persistence and living a fit and healthy life so his energy and confidence are always at peak levels.

“I don’t consider myself an exceptionally talented person, although they say that we don’t recognize our own “superpowers” because they are second nature to us,” Russ continues. “I have had to work hard for everything I have achieved, but at this point being able to stay fit and lean is like second nature to me. I still have to do the work, but it is just part of what I do now.

I also have the ability to quickly analyze what is holding someone back from reaching their goals and communicating to them how to overcome and then inspiring them to make the change.”