Ryan Seacrest spoke with the New York Times about how he stays healthy, connected, and productive. Recognizing that it would be impossible for him to try to be all things for every single person on his team, Seacrest makes sure to structure his day so that he can balance his responsibilities. “I used to think that every incoming question needed to be immediately dealt with,” he admitted. “I’ve learned self-discipline. Things can be put into a queue.”

Seacrest also puts thought into how he processes incoming news. Since his commute is only “seven minutes” each morning, he catches up on overnight news he may have missed by watching television before he gets into the car to drive to work.

Seacrest has also made efforts to set boundaries around his phone use. “It was suggested to me I should meditate, but I’m distracted easily. I have attention deficit disorder,” he says. “In the last couple of years, I’ve been a huge proponent of putting my phone down. I’ll even lock it in a safe when I’m on a trip. I’ve found simply not having my device on me is a very good thing and the world lives on.”