Stop running, you cannot run fast enough to escape your mind, no one can.

Confront the internal conflict that results from misalignment of your BEATS (beliefs, emotions, actions, and thoughts).

Accept that you cannot change the past, but you can respond to the present with compassion.

Love unconditionally, self and others.

Embrace you, just as you are.

Confusion Pulls You Away From Peace

The result is the loss of mental chaos and confusion, which allows you to handle the fluctuating landscape of change that comes along with life.  When there is clarity, you can see opportunities and potential solutions that were previously buried in the mess and confusion going on inside your mind and head. Peace does not come only with a solution; peace comes from making a clear decision.

Being able to maintain equanimity in the face of life’s ups and downs is really a blessing.  Does this mean that at times you won’t scream in frustration? No. What it means is that your demeanor will be one of calm, you will be more likely to shrug off the moments that test your patience and sanity. The scream will be short lived, and more than likely followed by a smile or laugh.

Humility Keeps You Grounded In Reality

Do not think too highly of yourself, be humble, and recognize that things will not always go as planned.   Know that it is okay to make mistakes. Learn to bend with the disappointments when expectations are not met. The problem for many people is handling their emotions.  We often cannot describe or handle our emotions; however, your emotions are valuable signals that can guide you when you learn how to decipher and respond to them in healthy ways.

Change Your Perspective

My philosophy these days, and I never thought I would get to this point, “everything happens for a reason”.  I do believe that and when things seem not to be going the way you wanted or expected, ask yourself, “What am I supposed to be learning from this moment, this experience?” It may not always be pleasant and the value you gain may not be immediate but know that there will come a time when you look back and realize that was a valuable opportunity.

No Time To Stop, Think Again

Often you feel like you do not have enough time, “life is too short”; yet you are given the time that you were supposed to receive.  Thus, your objective is to spend as much time as you can fully embracing your moments, be mindful and present now.

Living a happy and fulfilled life is a state of mind. My husband thinks I am a “glass half-empty person”, and at times I am however, I have learned that even with that perspective I can still appreciate the many positives in the “half-empty glass”. I give thanks for my blessings daily and try to improve each day, not because I am not at peace, but because I know I have more potential (there is room for growth in that half-empty glass).

Stop & Listen, Your Body Needs Your Attention

Too busy being distracted by the media, your gadgets and life; you operate on automatic. Some intentionally because there is the fear that if you stop, you may not like what you discover, or you may not be able to handle what you find.  That is a myth, fear is designed to keep you from discovering your potential. You are stronger than you think or believe.

You may bend, but you will not break when you remember to A.D.A.P.T. (acknowledge.decide.accept.plan.take action) is healthy.  The coronavirus pandemic made me stop. I imagine it made us all stop. I hope you were able to use the time to listen, heal and grow stronger.