Have you ever seen someone happy when you were actually down in the dumps? Have you ever felt like “Why cant I have his/her life instead of my own?”

Well, we can definitely not swap with the lives of others. However, we can surely make a shift in how our own life is … And for this to happen, we need to make a shift in our own mind.

Studies say that things happen twice in the world, first in the mind and then in reality. So, to witness real-life changes, we need to make changes in our own minds first.

This is exactly what I did and would like to share my own learning here…

For me, SHIFT has been an acronym for



Introspect &

Feel to


Let me share more insights …

See The Reality Instead Of Just Seeing What Comes To Your Mind

This is one major step which did help me embark on the process of shifting my own thought process to a better one. Many a time, it so happens that what we see and what’s the actual picture may vary. We often tend to get fooled by our limited vision (not literally though) of things, people  and situations. A small shift would be to just observe things as they are and then come to a final conclusion after seeing the same situation from different angles. When we put it all together, our opinion/understanding will come closer to reality.

Hear The Actual Voices And Not Just The Voice In Your Head

The voice in our head is often influenced by external factors like other’s opinions, gossip, other’s fears, apprehensions and also our own confusion.  When we learn to shut out all the unwanted voices and instead focus on our inner voice, we will be able to make better judgements and come to sound conclusions. Each of us will surely have the ability to tap into our inner voice and thereby become better at it. The inner voice is fuelled more by fact rather than fiction and is based more on the truth.

Introspect And You Will Get A Better Picture

To get more clarity, one needs to think at a deeper level rather than just focusing on the surface-level thoughts, words, opinions, judgements etc.

The habit of introspecting helps you get a deeper understanding about you and things around you – what actually matters to you, what you do need to focus on, what to let go and what to hold on, making better decisions etc.

This is more lie enlightenment wrt certain aspects which are absolutely necessary for you to lead a better life.

Feel The Difference

We often go into a comparative mode and tend to put down what we have in our own hands. However, when we develop the habit of stepping into other’s shoes and feeling the difference, we will get to know the actual truth.

People often say “Be empathetic! Step into other’s shoes”. Yes, it’s absolutely right. However, it’s only when you feel it that you will be able to understand even better.

Transform Your Thought Process And Thereby Your Life

By now, following the four mentioned steps would have already put you on a better path towards self-improvement and you will be on the road to creating a path for a better life ahead.

Let me reiterate what I said earlier …

“Studies say that things happen twice in the world, first in the mind and then in reality”. So, if we can tune not just random thoughts but our entire thought process itself then there wont be a diving wall between us and our fabulous better self.

I have been practising this over the years and it has helped me considerably. The major shift in our thought process needs to be comparing us with our own selves instead of others. This MAJOR shift will bring about MAJOR changes for sure.

I have tried it and experienced the difference. Do you also want to do it? Well, go ahead and try the SHIFT method to bring about a radical shift in your life!