When maidens of any culture are murdered, ravaged, and destroyed, there is an eerie aura in the air. It feels as if life has stopped. Realities of a society are placed on a platter for observation. Life begins with woman. In fact, it’s the gentility and docility of young maidens, that highlights life’s sweetness. When this is no longer treasured, sought after, desired, valued, or protected, humanity has waged war against its very existence. In fact, life itself has become a distant memory for the human psyche. If anything, humanity begins to retreat back to a state of barbarism-a primitive period, where we are unaware of our own existence.

When speaking the names of those who we lost, we are bringing them back to life. Behind words are energies, and those very same energies are connected to the Universe, and Heaven’s artistry. In Mexican folklore (on the Dead Of the Dead), there is a sacred understanding that one must continue to speak the names of those who have transitioned on, so that they stay alive in the afterlife. That to remain silent, and not speak their names means they have died in the hereafter. And, that is worse than death, itself. Speaking names, even when people are not visible, is one of the greatest celebrations of their lives and legacies. It means they are always with us, even if we do not see them. Near us, even in the midst of leaving Earth’s visibilities. Taken away from this life, but still here.

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Today marks the 5th anniversary in the death of one maiden from Black America’s gardens. What IS her name? SANDRA BLAND. What is her name? SANDRA BLAND! We speak her name. . .SANDRA BLAND, SANDRA BLAND, SANDRA BLAND, SANDRA BLAND!

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There is power in the calling of a name. There is celebration in the speaking of a name. One of the most auspicious vibes in the stating of a name is that it gives power to those being spoken for. Speech is a powerful resource, for those considered, powerless. It is one of the few entities, which cannot be monopolized or owned. People try to dominate, or give the illusions of dominance, but those trying to control it, can never truly “own,” the Word. It’s the greatest gift given to humanity.

On July 13, 2015, our Sister was taken away from us. They say she “hung herself,” while detained in prison. Yet, “they” are also the ones, who hung Sheroes/Heroes. What was her crime? Why was she arrested? Video footage showcasing aggressive energy directed towards her. Footage highlighting how her womanhood or femininity was disrespected. There was no reverence for her ability to give life. What they felt is that her life should be taken away. Sandra Bland was treated as an aggressor for asking questions. She was condemned guilty for daring to speak truth through, the Word. After all, she did not “know her place.”. Did she not know the silent rule, that only the few were to dominate, the audacity of speech?

The fabulous legacy in the very name of Sandra Bland is that she is not forgotten. It has been 5 years since her death, and yet there is life, in her very name. It has not been buried away in the sands of idle time. She was not burned away into a toxic combustion. Unlike the material world, names are not destroyed away. In fact, the very energies of names cannot be made to “disappear.” It’s a miracle, in fact. Her name is just as fresh, as when we first heard it. Ah! It’s amazing, isn’t it? Sandra Bland is alive! In the afterlife, she is alive! It is because we give life to her name, that her Spirit is vibrant and radiant. It is because we channel movement, rhythm, song, and poetry to her name, that it continues to sparkle and shine. It is a victory, indeed-even when justice has yet to favor her on Earth. Holistic speech is always victorious.

https://www.tribtalk.org/2017/05/13/the-missing-narrative-of-sandra-bland/; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

In the beginning, there was the world. Isn’t is fascinating how the Word, first took place in the garden. In the gardens, is where maidens frolic, dance, sing, and tend to the garden work. In these sacred, precious, and Heavenly gardens, where femininity and womanhood are nourished and cherished. Where women are protected, loved, and celebrated as the life givers and healers for themselves, and men. I imagine Sandra Bland, with other maidens as she. Speaking poetry in on beauty of the gardens. Every time the vibrations of her name, on Earth’s paradise, ring out, they are felt in Heaven’s spacing. Once they are felt, there is as glittering glow, that encompasses the Spiritual image of Sandra Bland. Glittering and glowing upon the spiritual image of other maidens, as she. A bright shadow protects, and secures, her place in the garden. From there we are able to feel her. Vibrance decorates her very name, and we are reminded that she is still alive. Yet, if we start to forget her, that glow falls away. She is no longer glittering, and her presence is questioned in the garden. There is confusion, and with confusion comes silence. Of her image becomes silent, she fades into the shadows. We won’t be able to feel her, and she won’t hear us. She will become hardened in the garden, as weeds overtake her. And, we all know weeds, don’t let flowers grow.

So, water her with our words. Let our voices rain in Heaven’s gardens. Do it even when unpopular, and the sun refuses to shine. Speak her name throughout our days, weeks, months, and years. As others like her, say her name. Say their names. And find victory, in knowing that she is living through, around, underneath, between, and within, our words! #SayHerName #SandraBland

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