Do you have any constraints on taking water breaks at your workplace? There shouldn’t be (unless you’re taking breaks for water only). Just remember this simple rule, when you feel thirsty, your body needs water. It doesn’t mean you’re dehydrated but it indicates now is the right time to drink water before you get yourself dehydrated.

A day without coffee at the workstation? Certainly, not. A workplace without coffee is not at all productive, right? Nay, it’s not completely true. You head over the coffee machine when you think you will need some stimulant miracle work for you, a magical drink which will let you focus on the thing you have been trying to complete for long. Well, what If I tell you a little secret which can do the same miracles to you and it’s cost-effective (I’d say free). Surprised?

Water. Yes, water can do the same miracles to you what you expect from coffee when you crave for it. It’s not like your body needs caffeine every time to infiltrate your nervous system to make you stay focused. You may mistake in understanding what your body is asking for. A coffee is after all a liquid and it somewhat satisfies your thirst and you feel better.

The thing is you ought to drink water when you feel thirsty. 60% of your body is made up of water and when it needs water, you should drink some water (well, body satisfies itself from the water in whatever form). Wet food with a good amount of moisture can also satisfy your thirst and so does coffee. So, next time you feel a slight headache and want to drink something, grab a glass of water and gulp it down.

Let’s have a look at what this underrated habit of drinking water can do to you.


If you feel tired and exhausted frequently, even if you had slept the previous night well, dehydration may be a culprit. Well, by dehydration, here I mean, you’re drinking less water than your body requires. Studies have concluded that males and females who do not consume enough water are found to be suffering from concentration, mood control, and difficulty with memory.

Moreover, it also contributes to tension and anxiety too. So when you feel thirsty, just grab some water and drink.

Physical Fitness

You do not need to be a decathlon participant to prove yourself you’re physically fit. If you’re one of those 9-5’ers, you too need to drink water often. Drinking water is not limited to the people who are more indulged in physical tasks. A completely hydrated body only is supposed to perform at its full ability. So, go get some water for you every hour. Water breaks are precious, don’t waste them. Your body needs water to stay physically fit.


You might be wondering how water can provide you energy while it is a zero calory drink! Well, yeah water can actually make you feel more energized. Let me explain to you. When you have your coffee when you had thought of having it to kill your sleepiness, it blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain and you feel more focused and fresh.

With the course of time, caffeine gets metabolized and causes a caffeine crash. When caffeine’s effect gets over, the piled up adenosine connects with the receptors in the brain. This will make you feel more sleepy and tired than when you had your previous cup of joe. Moreover, coffee is diuretic and your water intake is not sufficient it will lessen the water level in your body.

If you get yourself again a cup of coffee, the situation will worsen only this time! As caffeine wears up, your body will reduce the blood flow to conserve some energy. Instead, enough amount of water will let you feel more energized because of the oxygenated blood flow will be pumped back to your muscles which will let you feel a bit energized.

When It’s About Your Workplace- Go Beyond The Minimum

There are some laws for the toilet and water facilities that employers need to provide at the workplace. Now that you’re more aware of the need for water in your routine life, you will ask for what’s minimum that law has to provide you.

If your employer is not providing you with enough water facilities, they make themselves vulnerable to breaking the laws and you should never be an ignorant eye for such issues. You can directly complain to them about it and they have to bring out the immediate solution to it. Ask for soft, filtered, and clean drinking water and if your workplace has the hard water issues, suggest your manager or employers to install any quality water softener, water treatment unit and a cooler.