Animated video content is a great way to engage with your target audience. It adds more comprehensiveness and creativity to your message. Numerous studies have confirmed that visual messages leave a better impact than plain words. In fact, it is said that over 60% of people are visually more perceptive and that visual information is processed much faster than textual information.

Going by the trend, animated videos on social media are a great way to interact with your customers and let them know about new developments in your business and brand. Also, this is the reason why so many companies are making the inevitable shift towards visual content on social media. Spiel is a brand name that is especially making great foray in this domain.

Consider the following statistics:

· Including a video on a website landing page can influence your conversion rates by more than 80%.

· Over 60% of the users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

· Majority of all online activity is spent on watching videos.

· According to YouTube statistics, users watch over 3 billion hours of video every month.

Despite the rising popularity and obvious benefits of using animated content on social media, making correct use of it can be challenging and progressively difficult to master. Spiel gives weightage to visual content when it comes to social media marketing.

Why to Use Animation

There are so many companies using animation to get through audiences’ attention, this makes it hard for them to reach out successfully. With short attention spans, brands need to really interest the consumers to get their message through. Animation and video can help in this by sparking conversations and making way for long term commitment.

Moreover, animation can simplify complex theories into easy to understand concepts. You can illustrate a complicated process with a lively and intuitive animation. This makes it not just simple but fun as well. By making and sharing fun animations, it is more likely that your users will find it entertaining and will be share them via Facebook, YouTube and various other social media networks.

Animation and use of videos fits into just about anything and everything. Whether it involves tutorials, infographics or product demonstrations, animation always scores above textual information.

Here are a few tips that can help you in captivating your audiences with animated social media content.

#1 Create what audiences will value

Amidst a flood of advertisements and marketing messages, it is likely that your own message might get lost. Your audience has a short attention span, and in order to reach out you need to captivate them with something that they value. To achieve this you need to understand their interests and motivations. In order to reach such understanding, you need to conduct adequate research. You must think what audiences will value and what experiences will matter the most to them.

Creating quality animation is a challenge but when executed well, it can help your message break through the barrier of noise and trigger the right emotional reactions.

#2 Use Micro content

The best way to use animation is to break it down into digestible moments. Create micro content that can give your viewer’s brains enough to chew while keeping them hooked enough to look forward for more. Use small punchlines that appeal to your viewers and resonate with their emotions. They should feel a sense of belonging and would want to relish each moment and above all share it with their connections.

When you break down a story into small parts, it becomes easier to create on animation and easier for viewers to understand. Adding a thought provoking or triggering CTA will make them wait for more and even eagerly share their anticipation online on social media. Spiel utilizes animation effectively to interact with their target audiences and break through the crowd.

#3 Looping

Looping animation videos makes it easier for viewers to consume and share. With a captivating storyline with an interesting beginning, middle and end, the viewer will happily watch your content 3-4 times and will be glued to watch it again and then again! As a matter of fact, the viewer could watch the content three-four times without getting bored at all. Looping necessarily comes handy when viewer misses out some part of the animation because of ads or app notifications.

For instance, Instagram’s endlessly repeating video loops makes it easier for viewers to watch without clicking on “play”. On Facebook and Twitter viewers need to tweak the settings to have the videos play automatically.

#4 Grab Eyeballs!

If you want your animation to succeed, you need to make it captivating enough to make it immensely noticeable. It should hit the right notes with your target audience so that they are unable to scroll past without clicking on it. It should inspire them to explore more about you and your brand and find your content to be more engaging and interesting.

Video and animation are powerful tools that must not be missed. Also, animation is just the type of thing that your business needs to get views, likes and shares on social media. It appeals to audiences and markets itself on their emotions.  Best bags for college


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