Sahed Ahmed

Sahed Ahmed is popular with his title “Freelancer Sahed Afridi”. He is recently contributing in a great way to the freelancing sector of Sylhet. Sahed has been working for the last 5 years as a freelancer, Digital-marketer, He was born in Sylhet on 4th March 1997. He grew up here, continuing his study as well as conducting his freelance work, Though he has many outsourced projects to work on, Sahed maintains everything by his dedication, and courage in facing difficulties. Freelancer Sahed Afridi completed his higher secondary studies from SCHOLARSHOME College and is currently proceeding with his further education at Madan Mohan College.


Sahed specializes in Digital-Marketing, Web design, and Graphic design. He has been working in the digital-marketing sector since 2015. It gave him the opportunity to work with clients from more than 50 countries. Sahed is also a Digital-marketing trainer teaching students nationwide freelancing both online and offline


As a novice, it was not easy for Sahed to stand up to so many difficulties the freelancing sector has. But he made it this far by making $3,000-$4,000 each month. Being a person with integrity, Sahed never wanted to work under others. When he was only 15 years old he started with a job in a company, as his family’s financial condition suddenly became unfavorable. After leaving his first company job, Sahed kept changing his job many times until he found his dream career.

Now, Sahed has many clients from overseas who are very pleased with his work. This enthusiastic man is also engaged with a marketing-agency located in the USA where he works as a helpful team member. Despite having no expertise at working with foreign people previously, his teammates say that “He is so knowledgeable and focused about his work that we rarely think he is from another country and culture

Role as a Digital-marketing trainer:

Though Sahed has many specialties, he admires his role as a Digital-marketing trainer. Sahed is teaching freelancing for the last two years to the interested youth, most of them were unemployed before they joined Sahed’s training program. Now the majority of them have a decent amount of earning because of the skill they built while taking the course. He has completed more than 25 batches of digital-marketing, consisting of 500 students in total.

Sahed has a very unique method of teaching that’s why local as well as other students from different parts of Bangladesh are also keen to learn digital-marketing with Afridi.

Freelancer Sahed Afridi strongly believes that no matter how many skills you have if you lack a proper guideline, everything will be very difficult for young freelancers to stay in this field which is literally a marathon. He always tells his students “Be ready to learn & take the risk” If you want to gain prosperity. Sahed Ahmed believes early learning is the pillar of being a successful freelancer. Sahed Ahmed states that “ A complete digital-marketing training is needed for students who want to shine as a professional freelancer.”

Sahed has also a Facebook community group named “Freelancer Sahed Afridi (Sylhet)”. This group was created to help other freelancers who are novices in this field. This Facebook group has more than 13,000 followers (and also he has a Facebook page with a following of 50,000 people).


Sahed has been working on fiverr since the early days of his career and very soon he will be given the “Top rated seller” badge by fiverr. Sahed has also received several awards from different Institutes as recognition for his work. The “Top freelancer award” was given from Pxlhut Ltd. by Misbabur Rahman and another “Top Freelancer award” was given in 2021 by Roki Roy from Roki Tech.

Future plan:

Asking about his further plans: Sahed reveals, he wants to become one of the top-rated sellers in Bangladesh and take a role in doing something for his country as well as for young & unemployed people.