really, how sailing was the one most important activity that made 2020 exceptional!

Easter Island - our boat anchored

As I set foot on Easter Island on the 4th of March 2020, after navigating over 2000 nautical miles from Galapagos (yes, that crossing..) all I wanted to do is stay in for a month, resting and getting back my strength! The 20 days crossing the Pacific were the hardest experience I ever lived and the most exhilarating too! Little did I know that my wish will come true thanks to a global pandemic! Within 2 days of returning home in Monaco from my extraordinary environmental expedition, the lockdown was declared and I will stay in, together with pretty much the rest of the world for almost 2 months. I slept, and slept and slept some more.. I cooked, I did gym classes on Zoom, watched TV, shared all the jokes received from friends, laughed, cried, worried, self-comforted myself..

So when the lockdown was over, I was very happy to be out and about. In June, traveling was still not really possible so I realized that planning holidays would not make sense. I embraced the idea and decided to enjoy my home and spending as much time by the sea as possible. And as the yacht club reopened, I learned that our classic boat Tuiga, was taking club members out for trainings. Couple of my friends were joining so I decided to enrol too! Every weekend we would prepare the boat, go out on the sea and enjoying freedom in nature all while building comradery with the rest of the crew! It became such a strong bond between us and something to look forward week after week! Until November, when a second lockdown ended sailing, as well as other activities! But the memories are in my heart and I can literally say that “I sailed my way through 2020”!

Happy sailors

written by Irina Maria Peterson