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It seems like it is finally time to get back on track with our own finances and life. We need to start slowly getting into a routine that involves taking care of ourselves, and making sure others are safe too.

We are all realizing the importance of our time and energy; that both need to be spent wisely.

It’s important to try and find creative ways to keep a routine during the 24hrs of the day. Meaning, you can create a work-routine which will allow you to make money during either 16, 8 or 4 hours of the day. Yes, there are people I know that make money, consistently, per month, during that time-frame. However, they have also worked these hours for 10–20 years; building teams, and investing their time and money wisely. All with the goal that they will only have to work 4 hours per day. Don’t get discouraged, if they can do it so can you. Remember, it’s smart-work, and it comes from what you do daily. Do your best in anything you decide to do in your life: help your planet, recycle, reuse, reduce, eat healthy, exercise everyday, clean, declutter your space (so important), write, be grateful, take the time to be with family, friends, read, question everything and learn something new, make self-care a priority for your mental well-being, teach (if you can), and help others too.

These are some of the few essential things for a happy life. Based on personal experience, I found that you can at least get some or most of these done daily, while also balancing your time with the constant external distractions. If you can commit to doing this, then you are on your way to building a healthy and sustainable life for yourself. These are the true diamonds and golds of life in order to find/create inner peace and happiness; take root and produce lovely and beautiful fruits. Meaning, time plus energy = giving back to yourself, families, friends, relationships, jobs, employers, your own business, your teams, and to organizations that you care about.

The external distractions, if you are not careful, can prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. To name a few: TV, gambling, social media, food, online shopping for things that you don’t need, video games, news, Netflix overload, sex, porn, abuse of alcohol, intense drugs, and so forth. I’m not saying these are all bad, however, some are just ridiculous to even think to do. Unbalanced consumption of these can be detrimental for your mind and body. I suggest to do everything mindfully and in moderation.

Learning our limitations, taming our demons and controlling our bad habits, is inner work. Yep, the hardest type of work: self-discipline.This is why most of us don’t do it, or even avoid it at all costs. Then there is the 1% that work on themselves first before giving to the world. It’s clearly what this pandemic is forcing us all to acknowledge and that we need to work on.

We are very aware these negative traits, as well as our need to think positive, are both essential parts of the human experience. The law of attraction and keeping our authentic vibration high are required in order to continue to live a prolonged, enjoyable, and healthy life. I know this is one of many life lessons that you won’t learn in school. Even though we should.

Honestly, watching the one you love most dying a horrible death can wake you up in a lot of ways. Also, becoming a mother or a new parent. Children can teach us all, a lot. We are just too busy, or letting our egos and narcissistic behaviours make it acceptable to disrespect, ignore, disregard and sometimes allow abusive behaviour towards another human being who is defenseless and completely dependent on an “adult”.

There is more where that came from in my parenting book (publishing very soon). For now, you are reading some of my pieces and can see the journey behind the story.

I’ve been learning a lot during a pandemic. I have been keeping my mom happy, fed, cleaned, and safe on weekends (the only time I can see her). I took on the role as an educator by homeschooling my girls. I am looking for jobs, keeping clients, just sticking to writing more, working on our podcast, content creation, collaboration, helping my brothers and sisters, trying to get people aware of ICE, and that they are children living in cages right now. There are children being traded, trafficking, abuse and all kinds of human atrocities are being done right now.

Yep, just to see what happens. If my voice, my teams, our communities’ voices could be heard, and by us sticking together with a common goal and mission. What happens if communities were to unite and work as one to create a healthy, sustainable and financial wealth network? To create a space not damaged or tampered by politics, corporations, fake news, and propaganda?

Imagine the possibilities if humans meditated more. If we unite and collaborate to build a better future, instead of competing with each other. This is what corporations, the big money makers who control us, our food resources, money and health, all do. Of course, we also have politicians. They don’t want you to think. That’s dangerous for their pockets. However, thinking, questioning, using creativity, reading, and educating oneself is what can set us free. To decide our own destiny. I’m realizing this while I write this on my little sister’s couch in her new lovely apartment. It’s the safest I felt in the past 7–8 months.

While not having a place to call home yet, and my girls not being able to stay with me because this f*cking system is not made for single women entrepreneurs, let alone mothers of color. Opps! Had to discover that the hard way…right?

There are no programs, loans, incentives to progress, that are inclusive and diverse for entrepreneurs, creatives of color or any race rather than white in my city. In Montreal, Quebec, only the racist, sexist, white supremacist, dicriminationatory, police brutality and narcissistic behaviours thrive here. Those who denied this, are very privileged that they don’t even have to think about these at all in their lifetime. 

You think the USA is the only one dealing with systemic racism and all the isms? Nah, Canada does also, with all its glory, healthcare and its beautiful landscapes. It has a big, not so silent, highest taxes (still nobody knows why) negative inner evil. It’s called: Quebec.

My life lesson that I want to pass down to you, and whoever is reading this is: you are responsible for building your own boundaries, your wealth, and keep building self-respect for your body, your mind and spirit from the moment you start talking and understanding. This is why EDUCATION and being a present and mindful parent matters a lot. If you don’t, you are letting these external distractions, vampire leeches, negativity, mental illnesses, childhood traumas rule your life; if these take over and replace what comes natural to humans (as mentioned in paragraph 3) as a coping mechanism that helps us deal with difficult realities of life and our constant inner demons.

There is always good with the bad, they are never separated from one another. _Angela de Chevalier Olivo.

These distractions get harder and harder to deal with and balance. As new tech surfaces, as new features on any social media channel to try, and algorithms changing per second; AI keeps learning more and more about human consciousness, as we lose our ability to be more compassionate and empathetic. As more TV shows, series, new movies keep popping up, as we are staying at home more and less time with our friends and family during this pandemic.

Read these two books: The subtle art of not giving a F*ck and Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Mason.

(stay awake! Those whose missions is to keep voicing the truth, the injustice and all the “system” trying to benefit from those who are voiceless and oppress while the privilege keeps getting richer at the expense of others pains and suffering. We are getting a lot of heat right now. Trust me homeless is nothing compare to getting fined for this and that make no sense, getting put to prison for no reason, and all kind of, “it’s the law”, its how the system works right? It’s Bullshiet and Quebec, Canada, USA, in south america and all countries. Does not like it when people talk, when we take money from their pockets and help those in need instead. When you say, create, write and voice your concerns. aka: storytelling, when use for good. “That’s not trending enough”, It’s not media worthy”… Yeah, truth and getting comfortable by being uncomfortable. It’s not for the weak minded and comformalist. This is for warriors, revolutionaries, leaders of change. If you are awake, and tired of this BS. Keep going, rest and don’t give up. Stick to those who are dismantling the “system” and focusing on finding ways to a more sustainable, equal changes for all of us. Not just some of us. #Nojusticenopeace). 

Remember this if you are self-employed too. 

Just be careful because external distractions are created unfortunately with good intentions: to advance our economy, keep us informed, entertained, help us cope with our pains (sort of numb it. We learn to ignore and repress our pain, our voices and to conform with the norm or status quo. This is what it means to have a colonized mentality.), and communicate better with the world.

Be mindful and remember that good things, as beautiful as they might seem and feel, also come with consequences. Pay attention to these distractions and take action in order to make sure you protect your time and energy. I know that numbing and avoiding painful situations with fear and doubt is better to deal with while using the external distractions. That’s why they are created, to help you cope, find solutions for you, great opportunity for you… yes, these old traditional marketing strategies plus products or services are designed for you. To make your life “easier” because the system benefits a lot from our pains, struggles and difficult situations that we are programmed to deal with. You will be amazed by how much your body and mind can do, heal and adapt.

By now, you are discovering that a lot of what we’ve been taught from the past, and at least in the recent decades, has been BS compared to what we really should’ve been taught and focus on. I’m so sorry for your pain, and the sense of loss you feel. I feel it too. I just hope you know that time is never wasted. There are lessons to learn by re-learning the new information and keeping records of the bad lessons and why they were false. History does not need to repeat itself. This is a humanity-shame excuse, to keep doing horrible things even though we know better. We need to do better.

I’ve been working on and researching the truth; which is still in progress with lessons being learned. I hope this blog and list below helps you. Share it with someone who can use these lessons to help them deal for now while we all try to survive a world pandemic and help the economy by helping yourself. 

For example, the importance of money, taxes, investing, shares, owning property, owning land, bonds, stock market, self-discipline builds accountability with yourself and others. Integrity, human rights, sustainability living, grow your own fruits and vegetables, survive outdoors, diversity, anti-racism and Inclusion practices (kindness, compassion and empathy).

The importance of starting a savings/investing, emergency saving plan money habits that can help you build your own wealth while you are studying and working part-time.

These are key essential things that I wished I learned and that now, thanks to Little Owners, I can start teaching my girls and help this amazing mama spread her knowledge with other children around the world. If you are a parent and want your kiddos to learn financial literacy, and also embrace diversity and inclusion,this is the best series of books for kids that I’ve found so far. I am really happy with these books! 

Now, back into finding a job that you can do from home or find a part-time job as an essential worker. Or if you have the means to sustain yourself, have no kids, and still live with your parents — learn a new skill! Practice, get in the field to gain more experience, and continue doing it until you become an expert on that specific skill.

Competition (hate this word)…there is none, this is a limitation programmed in our minds. There is plenty for all if we do what needs to be done right and work together. Constructive criticism and collaboration for your dream job, let alone any job, has never felt more intense than now.

For most of us, coronavirus hit just as we were ready to ascend to the next level of our careers, academics, new teaching position, promotion at work, ready to leave an abusive home, travel the world, getting an new organ transplant, try new treatment for cancer, and change of apartments because you got tricked to move in a place infested with cockroaches (I think I will forever be traumatized about that part of my life which I’m happy that I can leave behind). After finally convincing ourselves that we are ready — and qualified, if not overqualified — to risk it all, we are deep in a world pandemic. By now it feels like that confidence has been pulled out from under us and thrown to the wolves to chew, spit on, and leave us to fend for ourselves.

I’m here to remind you my earthlings, fire always leaves ashes and from those, we have always returned. We just need a little help along the way, and we are doing the work. At least I hope so, the next decade is starting with 2020. There are habits and things we were all doing that will not serve us in the future. It’s hard to admit this, but it is the truth.

Alright, let’s talk about Money! Yay!

Money, you always wish you had a bit more. You know to buy that fancy dress, or new house, or car, to save more for your vacation or dinner date, to pay off your debt faster, or just feel more relaxed about your whole personal financial situation.

The list below are some simple, yet effective and creative ways to make money on the side. I’m not saying, leave your full-time job and do these. Nope, these are options and suggestions you can apply to your daily routines, if you like to make extra money on the side or if you are a student saving your money to pay for school.

These are some that I’m still working on, some friends and followers have suggested that it works for them, and yeah, just a mama passing down knowledge because I know what it feels like when you are broke, alone, and trying to get back up. You are not alone, we are in this together. You can earn a few extra hundreds each month smartly!

  1. Reading lots of books? Writing reviews, joining an affiliate company that follows your values, your favourite books at a reasonable price and they support good causes. Your money talks ?? Ex: A virtuous alternative to Amazon: Bookshop A new online bookstore, Bookshop, we just started this program and it will be managed by my aunt in New York and us (USA only for now), hopes to snatch a tiny percentage of sales away from Amazon. The goal: help support independent bookstores and the wider literary community by providing a “virtuous alternative” to Amazon. A portion of every sale goes to support us and to independent bookstores. The power of choice, not to make those who are already beyond rich, richer and disrupting the status quo. You in?
  2. Become a content creator. Do this mindfully and with moderation because it gets addicting and it can distract you from your real goals and focus. However, you can leverage your passion and talents while also telling the world what you are up to!
  3. Writing, copywriting, painting, digital marketing, digital photography, editing, social media manager, community manager. There are a lot of these jobs online! Essential workers and docs and nurses and caregivers are jobs! Part-time if you want while you work for your dream job or career.
  4. Recycle your old phone(s). You’d be surprised to know that you can actually get some cash if you decide to sell them. A lot of companies offer compensation for recycling old phones which are shipped somewhere to Asia and getting dismantled there. You can check the list of companies and possible earnings here. Ask your family and friends if they’d like to give away their old phones too for a bigger bucks.
  5. Become a part-time mover, cleaner of houses or commercial buildings. The moving option is suitable for guys for large items, but girls are often accepted too to move around fragile stuff and do some minor cleaning. Cleaning companies are in need of staff. Moving and cleaning jobs are typically per request and you can always choose a suitable time for you to do them. Check craigslist and kijiji. Also, keep in mind a lot of moving and cleaning companies allow you to create an account with them for a fee, list your services, rates, working hours etc. and get hired for temporary jobs. I cleaned lots of houses and commercial buildings while also going to school before I moved to New York 9 years ago and saved for 5 months.
  6. Review music for cash. All music lovers will love this job — all you need to do is listen to and review unsigned bands and artists online at Slicethepie. It may take a while to build up your reputation, but you can earn extra $50+ per month for spending 5–10 min a day listening to some aspiring music talents (or not so talents).
  7. Sell your wardrobe. This is a perfect option for women and men! How many dresses or suits do you have that you wore like 3 times and now they’re hidden somewhere deep in your closet? Clothes you no longer wear shouldn’t pile up around the house when they can be turned into cash assets. You can either organize a yard sale yourself (which is kind of a hassle), or better sell the items through ThredUp, which will pay somewhere around $2-$25 for staff from different brands. You can browse around to see how much different items are worth. The best thing about ThredUp is that all you need to do is pack your clothes in a box and then just ship it to them (shipping costs are covered by the company). Also, sell on Ebay or Kijiji.
  8. Test websites for money. A lot of big companies look for feedback on the usability of their websites and you can get paid doing that. Expect to earn somewhere from 10 cents for an assignment taking less than a minute, to $10-$15 when it comes to larger questionnaires requesting more of your time. Here’s a big list of sites where you can create an account and start earning cash. All the payments are typically made via PayPal either at the end of the month or when you have earned a certain sum.
  9. There a lot of side hustle companies need online assistance with their social media, campaigns, email marketing, PR, online courses sales, webinar promotions. Social media butterfly ????
  10. Get paid $35/hour to drive people around or deliver their food!. Yes, that’s exactly how much you can make with Uber and UberEats. Users can just login from their phone and request a drive in all major cities or food from any restaurants. It’s faster and at least twice cheaper than calling the typical cab. You, as a driver, will get a notification and can take a lift request. You set your own working hours and earn money. Obviously, you’ll need your own car to earn with them and some initial money to pay for the gas.
  11. Do odd jobs at Fiverr. At Fiverr, you can offer any kind of service starting from $5. Register an account, browse around the gigs and offer something similar. Seriously, at this online marketplace you can sell and buy all sorts of things from voiceovers to logo design to editing contracts, blogs or books!
  12. Do data entry jobs. This may include mere copy-pasting, minor text editing, data categorisation, translations and staff alike. You can work a few hours a day and earn some hundred bucks by the end of the month. Obviously, the total payout depends on how fast/good you are. Sign up to ClickWorker if you can tolerate handling some routine tasks in exchange for cash injections.
  13. Teach classes online. If you are particularly good at something, say map design, capable of creating a series of video lessons, you can become a tutor at SkillShare. You’ll be in good company with folks like Seth Godin and James Franco among others. SkillShare tutorials and 30 days teaching challenge will help you create a winning video tutorial. Your earnings will depend on the popularity of your course, but even low attendance will let you earn some decent money. (Working on this with cool and smart peeps. More soon!) You don’t need to have prior teaching experience, just skills and passion about what you do. And the undeniable drive to help, educate, and inspire others to succeed too.
  14. Become a language tutor online. Did you know that English language practice is in high demand in Asia? Sites like Italki.com allows teachers to list their rates and services, schedule classes and provide you with tools to conduct them in real time. You can expect to make $15–20 per hour. If English isn’t your first language, no worries, italiki also invites French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and more native speakers to join. You’ll have to fill in a detailed application form, get it approved and afterwards create a professional looking profile, suitable schedule for you and different courses you offer. The service will handle the rest — scheduling, marketing payments and so on.
  15. There is nothing wrong with taking online courses to improve your skills and learning so you can keep growing and thriving. It doesn’t pay right away, but as soon as you are done. Get to work in showing what you’ve learned and apply it to your work skills experience. Udemy is my favorite so far, and it’s where I got my digital marketing certificate :).
  16. Online sex work is a job. Yep, no shame. There are a lot of more lonely peeps now more than ever and phone sex or online sex is on demandd now. Also, data geeks peeps need to work on catching predators and pedaphiles of kids online. Yep, catching the real bad guys online is a job too to find these assholes and bring them to justice.This is a free job but is more rewarding than money because with your help, these companies are able to catch a predator that has molested about 2,000 children. So if that’s not good enough for you than I don’t know ??‍♀️ what’s going on with humanity anymore ??‍♀️.
  17. Arts, online store setting up from traditional companies that should pivot by now. Sell handmade and vintage items on Etsy. Found some retro clothes in your grandma’s chest or made a few cool brooches your friends admire? Become an Etsy seller to earn money for your crafts. Opening your shop, listing products and prices takes less than 30 minutes. It costs $0.20 to list one item in your shop for 4 month (or till it sells) and Etsy takes 3.5% commission from each sale you make. Mind that fact when setting up the prices. Shipping costs are either to be covered by you or by the buyer (you can set the rates depending on the buyer’s location e.g. free shipping around US; $10.99 shipping to Europe).
  18. Find something you love, build a habit doing that every day until you figure out how to make money out of it. Then save. Then use your rights and voice with your money ??? Build a team that supports your values and mission. And make creative magic everyday ? by your own actions and helping others along the way( be warned, only those who want to be helped and you see that are willing to sacrifice a few hours for greatness rather than settle for mediocre experiences and unfulfilled jobs ✊?). Invest in energy that reciprocates. Don’t waste your life and money on people that only want to be there with you once all the work is done. Invest in team and collaboration brands, companies or organizations that are interested in reproducing with you the same energy you put out. Same values, truth and positive thoughts with a little of ? and some hard core truth. Because humanity from time to time. Needs their wake up and life hard core reminders.

We become entitled, selfish, ignorant and very dangerously abusive behaviour towards each other and ourselves. If we let egos take over.

Higher power and higher consciousness requires internal and personal sacrifices and surrendering in order to focus in achieving our goals and objectives. Our dreams.

Yep, it’s not hard to achieve our dreams, but smart work starts with ourselves. Be mindful of the content you create, the amount per day of external distraction you consume, and check that your sanity and dignity is still intact as you figure out this thing called life.

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Stay home (It’s a privilege to have one), be safe, be kind to your planet ?, to you and others.

Love, A.O. ?

Written by Angie Abreu Olivo -Founder, Creative Entrepreneur and Environmentalist Single Mom. Edited by EP.❤ 

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