Sam Flamont

Former Pro Baseball Player Sam Flamont is Now a Real Estate All-Star

According to Sam Flamont, the beauty of life is that you can pursue your passions and find satisfaction in your accomplishments. After exploring his passion for baseball, he is now able to pursue his love for real estate.

Sam Flamont is a top real estate broker/investor and founder of The Mitten Group Brokered by eXp. He is also the author of “Hustle ‘Til It Happens,” a book in which he encourages and motivates others to be bold and pursue their dreams. With more than five years of experience, Sam is an expert in the real estate industry.

Before jumping into real estate Sam was a professional baseball player and later a collegiate baseball coach. Although Sam loved playing baseball and coaching youngsters, he was certain this was not the future he wanted. By taking a huge risk and following his heart, Sam Flamont is now living his dream.

Sam Flamont entered the real estate world with only a few months of living expenses and two goals: have a team and own rental properties. Looking back, he says being broke was one of his major drivers; he wanted to change his life while also changing the lives of his clients. Within his first year in real estate, Sam sold 36 homes and went from earning $15K a year to over $100k a year. By his fourth year, he was among the top 10 realtors in sales.

The real estate industry is competitive. For Sam to have over $51,000,000 in closed and pending sales in a year is a huge milestone for him, and proves he’s very experienced in this field. He notes the secret to success in any business is finding something others have not done and incorporating it into your business. For instance, he noticed that not many realtors were using social media and video in Traverse City. Realizing this, he not only used social media to market his properties but to mentor other agents as well.

One of the agents Sam mentored says that Sam’s undying passion and self-confidence played a big role in his life and his work in real estate. At the time, he was watching motivational videos from Sam’s YouTube channel and just getting started in the industry. Even though Sam had become his source of inspiration, Sam was never aware of this until they met in person. Within the first year of working with Sam, this newbie realtor learned so many tips on how to succeed that he was able to triple his business.

Asked about COVID-19 and its impact on real estate, Sam says while 2021 has been a year of zero inventory, he is not about to give up. Instead of focusing on the pandemic as a challenge, Sam has used it as a way to challenge his limits. Together with his team at The Real Group, they are busy doing what they do best. There is no better way to get a deal done than hitting the phones.

Six years into real estate and Sam Flamont has cemented his spot in the industry. As he continues to scale up, one thing is very evident: his work ethic. Helping his clients find their dream property is his number one goal.