Sam Primm has done a lot in the real estate investing game in a short period of time. Yet, he is still out there hustling and grinding every day because he wants to make an impact on the world and on his family for generations to come.He has an amazing wife, Cortney and lovely daughter, Maisie, that are his why and his real passion. He has a few decent sized real estate investing companies and enjoys growing businesses and improving his local community.

In this article Sam shares his best tips on avoiding burnout & achieving success.

Biggest Distress Tips

Distress tips help tremendously in the long run because if you want to accomplish anything worthwhile in life you will have distress. Sam’s main distress tip is to keep moving forward at all costs. He’s aware that every single one of us goes through hard times, but if you stop taking action you can sink and it will be a lot harder to get out of the hole. Sam believes by moving forward, it will eventually lead you out of the distress, and maybe even distract you from the pain. He also suggests leaning on other people, as you cannot accomplish anything of significance on your own. If you are going through tough times, he believes someone else has already experienced the same situation and figured a way out of it. As long as you don’t do it alone, Sam knows everyone has a chance of overcoming their hard times.


In a career path that can be very unpredictable, stressful days are bound to come. Sam avoids these burnout days by keeping up a competitive spirit. He is extremely competitive and is always pushing for more inorder to be the best. He’s constantly looking for an edge he can lean back on if he is ever feeling down or stressed. Sam claims in order to reach that edge, you have to keep pushing forward. Another point he made is to lean on others. He expresses that your friends and family want to support you, as well as other people you don’t even know. Sam then concludes this by stating to never be afraid to ask for help and lean into others’ experience and wisdom during tough times. 

Main Tips For Successful Habits

Throughout the course of his career, Sam has picked up quite a few tips to create successful habits. One of them being the mindset of abundance, this has seriously changed his life and only for the better. Sam expresses how greatly this impacted him, understanding that there are enough deals, enough money, enough of everything out there for everyone to be successful will surely open countless doors. He then adds on “Help others and create win/wins and you will get more than you give.” Although Sam has already given us amazing tips, on social media @SamFasterFreedom, yet, there’s still more. As he states that passion and doing what you love is extremely important, that is the way to follow. If you go to work everyday hating your job, Sam believes that will spill into the rest of your life.


Motivation is what helps us achieve our goals, and what helps keep Sam motivated is his internal drive to be the best and to never be satisfied, a blessing and a curse. He wants to win in every situation he encounters and he does NOT want others to fail. Sam just wants to win and do the best he can do, and sometimes this prevents him from enjoying what is happening in the current moment. Like everything else in his life, it is something he is working to improve.


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