Samantha McGregor

Business is tough! There are no more valid words. “Running a business requires a lot of gut and passion and tenacity and perseverance. And consistent action,” says Samantha McGregor.

The world of business has always been challenging. Still, given how the internet has changed how we do business, the competitions are becoming stiffer, leaving little room for errors and flippancy. Therefore, as a business owner, you are tasked with producing excellent work consistently if you feel like it.

Seth Godin, a marketing guru and growth specialist, has warned that businesses must realize that significant work has no substitute. Consumers will always demand the best from you as a business; therefore, you must consistently deliver.

In business, consistency is a currency no entrepreneur should joke with. Your business must show up all the time, good or bad days.

During the pandemic in 2020, governments shut many businesses down. They could not develop innovative ideas to help keep the business afloat during the pandemic. While we can’t wholly blame these businesses, given how unfamiliar the territory the world was thrown into was, the events suggest just how tough it’ll be from now on.

To stay relevant in business, therefore, companies must be consistent in the innovations and actions. There are no spaces for gaps anymore.

Owners of businesses in the 21st century find out just how many decisions they have to make in the ever-changing world.

The internet has made the way we do business super-fast, with the innovations, tech, and ideas popping up everytime. So, as a business owner, you can either be ahead or be left behind.

Samantha McGregor, a digital and email marketing strategist who has helped several women of color-owned business thrive, has advised new and old entrepreneurs struggling to keep up with the pace to take ACTIONS CONSISTENTLY.

In business, it is rewarding to be consistent. For a business owner, you must be prepared to make tough business decisions. Making tough business decisions should be comfortable when the decision-making process stems from your business core.

This means that when you have a core as a business, the tough decisions you’d have to make will be relatively easy because you’ll weigh the decision against the business core. If they align, you go ahead; if they don’t align, then you don’t have to go ahead with it.

In deciding as a business, there must be consistency in the decision. While you may change your mind on a decision if you’re presented with more information, the decisions must be consistent with your business CORE VALUES.

Customers can tell when there is no core value in a business based on the company’s type of decisions.

“The decisions that a business makes will inevitably fuel the actions. Actions don’t just happen on a whim; decisions fuel them. Yes, there will be a time when a business owner will have to make a drastic decision in the heat of the moment. But even at that, actions can still be in tandem with the company’s CORE VALUES, Samantha McGregor opined.To follow Samantha McGregor’s journey and get first-hand info, check her pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Website today!