One Microstep that really helped me thrive was choosing a time each night to put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode. This not only helps me unplug and recharge, but also helps with my focus and prioritization.

I started doing this Microstep because I found myself staying up later at night, unnecessarily responding to messages and social media notifications. The lack of sleep was affecting my overall mood and ability to focus at work, so I realized that I needed to allow myself a cutoff point where I could fall (and stay) asleep without potential interruptions from my phone. As a result, I now wake up feeling refreshed and look at messages or notifications after I start my day.

Another Microstep I implemented was, “Send a quick note to your team when stepping away.” As a fully remote team, it is very helpful to clarify when we need to step away, and it also reminds us all that we are not expected to sit at our desks for eight hours straight each day. Sometimes when one of us says we are going for a walk, it will have a ripple effect and other team members will take one too!

Knowing what I know now about the importance of my overall well-being, I would definitely tell my younger self to get more sleep! I realize now how important it is to give your body a rest and recharge for the next day. It is also crucial to truly unwind and not to fall asleep with your thoughts racing. When you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, your focus is much sharper, your thoughts are clearer, and your mood is improved.

Taking a walk is actually a great joy trigger that helps me reset from stress. I love to walk with my sister or my fiancé and just enjoy the company. The exercise and conversations help me unwind and relax while spending quality time with the people I love.

Finally, one thing I truly love and appreciate is that the Thrive app offers reminders for your Microsteps. Since most of us are always connected to our phones, the notifications are a great way to help us prioritize our well-being.


  • Samantha Stone

    Lead Education Specialist in Research Policy and Training, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

    Northwell Health

    My name is Samantha Stone and I’m a Lead Education Specialist in Research Policy and Training at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health. I joined my team at Northwell over four years ago as a Coordinator and have since grown into my current role, where I support the research community through the creation, maintenance, and communication of policies, as well as developing and coordinating learning and development programs to meet their needs. One of the best parts about working in research is being able to get a front row seat to the evolution of medicine and healthcare, as it is ever-evolving. I proudly hold a Master’s Degree in Communications and the Associate Professional in Talent Development credential (APTD), which recognizes my ability to develop strategies and solutions to contribute to the success of the individual and the organization as a whole. I currently live in Bayside, NY with my fiancé, who also works for Northwell as a CT technologist at North Shore University Hospital.