So the new year has come and gone, January just flew by and many people will have made resolutions. How many of these resolutions would have been serious and if so how many will still be attempting to stick with them now we are in to February. 

A resolution doesn’t need to be life changing, it can be a small gesture but sometimes the smallest gesture can turn out to be life changing. As they say ” new year, new you”, of course many will have gone to bed on the 31st of December and woken up on the 1st of January feeling no different. It doesn’t mean you are not changing it just takes a long time. Most of us with issues or bad habits have changed but it can feel like it takes forever. 
During these current times and with mental health so prevalent we strive for fast results but sadly fast results and mental health do not go together very well. Imagine I took a person from birth to teenage years to develop specific issues, it will then take maybe another decade of torment and stress before understanding the issues you have, it could then take another decade to get past these issues or at the very least learn to manage them. 
Life is a bumpy ride but we must learn to take our time with change. Nothing happens overnight and it is a long challenging journey. Of course while in anguish either through addiction or mental turmoil nobody wants to hear that it’s going to take time but the honest truth is it will. Take each day as a milestone and if you can reach the end of the day in one piece you have not only earned a little victory but you’ve also got another chance to do it all again the next day. Little by little, and victory after victory will soon add up until enough time has passed where you can say you’ve changed.
There will be many others facing this uphill battle and they will look around and see what only looks like perfect people and perfect lives but its not the case, you are not alone in this journey and don’t let the burden distract you from the place you want to get. Talk, seek help if needed but don’t suffer in silence because you’re worth more than that and remember the most important thing of all, you are not alone. 
People may not know the journey you are on and the ones you walk past in the street everyday will think the same difference but you know you’ve changed, it takes time, it takes a really long time but you’ve changed and that victory is yours. 
If you or somebody you know is suffering try and reach out, there is help out there.