Samir Guemriche

In today’s time, fitness is not just a part of the routine but a lifestyle. There are diverse goals people have when it comes to health and fitness. While some workout to flaunt their chiselled physique, some people workout to maintain consistency with their fitness levels. All that is required to maintain a fit body is dedication, discipline and diligence.

Samir Guemriche, an actor and a commercial model based in Dubai has set an example from his journey to becoming a well-known personality across different regions. 

Samir has done many major campaigns and TV commercials with some of the biggest brands in the global market.

It’s not just Samir’s stunning looks that caught the entertainment world’s attention – His styling talents, physique and his ability to connect with his fans and build a portfolio that is always on point is one of the reasons he is successful today, with some of the biggest brands desperate to feature him in their ads.

Samir says that if you want to maintain a fit body, you need to tweak your exercise plan and diet accordingly. Diet is most important!

Guemriche works out 6 days a week, which is typical for many actors. Some days will be harder than others, depending on what exercises and muscle groups you’ll be working on. Moreover, it’s important to take a day off to rest your muscles.

Samir’s personal IG page highlights some of his career successes and his journey giving his followers an insight into his motivations and beliefs. Recently, the actor made the following statement on pursuing an acting career: “Discipline is just choosing between what you want the most and what you want now. And you choice will decide what you become later.” And Samir also said: “I know that success is just a matter of probabilities. The more you try new things, the more you explore more opportunities. Your chance to reach your goals increases dramatically.” 

With his innate creativity, extensive professional experience, and commitment to growing as a person and artist, it is by no doubt that Samir will take the entertainment industry by storm.

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