Music in Bangladesh is one of the conventional traits that can be heard everywhere. Be it folklore or ‘Thumri,’ instruments or film melodies, music exists in the air of Bangladesh. Over time, the country has provided us surpassing musical talents that have built their presence felt universal. The enchanted folk music ‘Polli Geeti’ or ‘Baul Geeti’ got its basis in Bangladesh.

Many singers came to show their talent by singing folk or local music, but all do not get popularity. But Md. Samiul Alom, actually recognized as Samiul Mintu, is such a pop and folk singer that he has gained vast popularity among the Bangladeshi people to show his legendary skills. This article explores his struggling and successful life.

Struggling Life of Samiul Mintu

Samiul Mintu (born 1 February 1986) is a Bangladeshi pop singer and musician. He was born in the village and grew up there. He has been dreaming of becoming a singer since. He started playing guitar while studying at Kushtia Government College. From there, he worked hard to achieve his dream goal. He formed a partnership and released an audio CD with the help of his collaborators.

After that, he started exploring his singing on several social media platforms. He made music videos and posted them on social media. After that, people in Bangladesh kenned the name Samiul Mintu and became fans of Samiul Mintu for his legendary skills.


Samiul Mintu is a transcendent composer and musician in Bangladesh. He is famous for his combination of the contemporary beat with traditional theatrical Bengali folk music. Exceeding the mixes that he bends to his songs, he wishes to compose any form of music, including the folk music forms of Bangladesh. Samiul Mintu is best known for his British-Bangladeshi melody genre.

Today, Samiul Mintu has verified the YouTube channel and verified the Spotify artist’s profile. He uploads many songs on various platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tiktok, Deezer, etc. He has a lot of people listening to his songs regularly and loves him very much. He is now an incredible achievement in his career. In a word, this legendary musician Samiul Mintu is not a musician and composer; he is one of the rising stars of our country.