India, with a complimentary luck, has Sanatana Dharma.

Sanatan means everlasting, timeless. Dharma does not mean religion; Dharma means authority. So they were talking about eternal authorities which administer life and how we can be in harmony with it.

Right now, whether you’ve been to college or not, whether you’re a prominent public figure or not, still right now you’re complying with all the physical rules on this planet.

Yes or no?

Contrarily, you couldn’t sit here and exist.

So likewise there are other kinds of rules which are not physical in nature which administers the life rule within you. So they classified these things and they said,

“These are the rules which administer one’s life.’over a stretch of time, very passionate person that came from age to age went on computing their own principle according to the requirement of the day or according to the requirement of the absolute interest of the day, in so many ways it’s happened, all kinds and people added many things.”

But really Sanathan Dharma is just this.

Sanathan Dharma recognizes a human being cannot rest, do what you want, you… he cannot rest because he longs to be something more than what he is right now.

You cannot stop it.

You show him any kind of theory, you cannot stop it. Whoever he is, he wants to be little more than who he is right now. If that little more happens, he will seek little more and little more.

So if you look at it, every human being habitually is desiring to expand in an infinite way. So every human being automatically is staring at a limitless nature or a boundless potentiality or in other words, every human being intentionally or unconsciously has a sensitivity for limitations. When you warn his survival, his impulse of self-preservation will drop… will create walls of you know, the shelter for himself. The same limitations of protection, when there is no obvious threat, instantly he endures it as walls of self-imprisonment.

So they saw this and said every human being is longing… limitless.

So the first responsibility that you must consider, the moment a child becomes rationally conscious, – the first thing that you must put into a child’s mind is, your life is about mukti, about liberation.

Everything else is trivial because the only thing that you’re truly desiring for is to expand in an endless way.

There is something within you which can’t attain boundaries.

So for this what are tasks you should do to head in that direction; they set up simple rules. If you do this, this and this, you will simply move in this direction.

You can’t call this a religion, okay?

Because this is a place where you’ve been given the freedom – you can make up your own god.