Want a sneak peek into the future of pop and R&B? Check out Sang Min Lim’s YouTube channel (which bears the musician’s name) and there you’ll discover what millions of other fans have found- a musical sensation who is poised to sweep the world off its feet with his talent. Sang is a fast rising American musician of Korean descent who has been wowing a growing global audience.

With an enviable background in modelling, law and economics, Sang is undoubtedly one of the more multitalented entertainers around. Sang, who was born in South Korea and came to the United States at the age of 19, has studied at Brown University and is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Law School. This rich background has won him an appeal that spans age, culture and social backgrounds.

Popular Tunes and Big Hits in the Making

Sang Min Lim is the vocalist behind YouTube hits such as ‘Fantasy’ which has attracted over 1.8 million views. His melodious voice is also the one crooning the song ‘Remember’ which has over 1.2 million views.  His other popular songs include ‘Follow’ and ‘Levitate’. Fans shower praises on this superstar in the making with assertions that his music is ‘mind-blowing’, ‘dope’ and ‘amazing’.

A Swift Rise to Fame

With a subscriber list that is well into the thousands and rising fast, Sang Min Lim is poised to dominate the music market in short order.  He has a fast growing list of avid fans who hail from all around the world.  Since he sings and raps, his music appeals to a wide range of people and his messages are so relatable and universal that people of different cultures and tastes gravitate to them.

The Sang Min Lim Appeal

His songs are rhythmic and entertaining, which makes them perfect for getting listeners into that mellow state of mind.  Once you get a tune into your head you’ll no doubt be hooked, replaying it in your head over and over.  Additional, as a product of Korean and American societies, he is a cross cultural artist, which makes him appealing to people of varying social backgrounds.

His videos are nothing short of amazing. From the techno themed aura of his top performing video ‘Fantasy’ to the deeply personal and reflective vibe in ‘Remember’, Sang never ceases to wow his fans.  And of course, the response has been phenomenal. It is no wonder his devout fans, some of whom have already adopted the moniker ‘Sangels’ have been clamouring for a world tour.

As if his melodious voice wasn’t proof enough of his star quality, Sang Min Lim is also a great rapper who spits mind blowing rhymes with messages that we can all relate to. It is no wonder he is the center of attention for so many entertainment bloggers and influencers, especially those with an eye for talent.

If you want to be in the thick of things when the next pop sensation blows up, you’ll want to start checking out Sang’s viral videos starting now.