The mere mention of night clubs has people across the United Kingdom already planning their outfits for when they take to the dance floor once again.

Whilst the circumstances surrounding night clubs are still yet to be confirmed, it isn’t a controversial take to suggest nightlife may never be the same again. The priority will be the same as before, to provide a safe place to enjoy a night out with friends but with the ongoing pandemic, there are new challenges present for clubs.

The real question that has come to the forefront is how are night clubs supposed to stay safe? Once the majority of the population has been vaccinated this will become much easier, but even with mass vaccinations, it isn’t unrealistic to suggest we could see sanitisation pods, like these from Spectrum X introduced to the entrance of our favourite haunts.          The suggestion of high-speed testing has been brought up, but that will be very time consuming and require a lot of resources, meanwhile, sanitisation pods will ensure that germs are killed on people’s clothes so that they can’t carry anything into the club.

There are so many sticking points when it comes to the return of nightclubs, could we see people forced to use one cup for the whole night or will cups be single-use and encouraged to be binned, which would increase the carbon footprint of clubs. In days gone, plastic cups were thrown into a glasswasher to make sure they were fit to use again, but how can we be sure that these glass washers are killing all harmful germs and bacteria? The suggestion that people will have to keep hold of their cup all night, isn’t actually too unbelievable and I am sure people would feel safer handling their own cup and knowing what has happened with that cup throughout the night out. 

In terms of logistics and to avoid overcrowding, there could be a circumstance where you must book a booth to go on a night out to ensure that distancing is observed and you can remain with your group throughout the night, this would also encourage table service so that cross-contamination could be limited.

A return to night clubs is on the horizon and many will be wondering what it will be like, whilst it won’t quite be the same as it once was, the slight hint of normality will be enough and to enjoy those times with friends, singing at the top of your lungs will keep people going through the final few months.