Anyone who’s ever heard of Sarah Bowmar knows that among the many things she does, the social media superstar is first and foremost, a certified nutrition specialist and fitness expert. Her nutrition brands, Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein Snacks have gained a cult-like following thanks to their unique approach in sports nutrition that is anchored on the idea of combining advanced technology with a profound understanding of user preferences.

What most do not know of though, is that Sarah is also very active in charity works. From donating hundreds of pairs of socks to a local battered women’s shelter, to providing over 30,000 meals, hygiene kits, books and school supplies to indigent communities in South Africa and Mozambique, and even running her very own non-profit that gives inner city children the chance to experience nature, she always looks for ways to address needs that other institutions tend to look over. 

Most recently, Sarah spoke up about the widely unheard of threat that Covid-19 poses to animals in the wild. She says, “This pandemic is causing us many losses. And while the rest of the world is focused on stopping this virus and helping economies bounce back, those who mean to illegally slaughter animals for personal gain are having the time of their life.”

Sarah and I got to talk over Zoom recently and one thing I made sure to ask her is the reason for all the charity works she does. And according to her, ultimately, her reason is very selfish.

“As a nutritionist, I understand how everything we put in our body contributes to how it functions now and in the long run. The same is true when it comes to our thoughts and actions,” she explains. “Think of your actions and thoughts as food or supplements. There are ones that are bad for you, and ones that are good for you. You owe it to yourself to keep feeding your mind and soul with thoughts and actions that contribute to its growth and development.” 

“Doing good makes me feel good. And that is supported by science. I give back because seeing the smiles on people’s faces after you’ve handed them a meal or even a pair of socks makes me feel good. Going to bed at night knowing that I may have provided someone a bit of hope so that they can continue fighting makes me feel good. So yeah, in a way, it’s kind of like self-care,” she adds with a laugh.

For the unoriented, Sarah is the CEO of two highly successful nutrition companies. She is also a certified nutrition specialist, fitness expert, and author of the Amazon bestselling title “Zero to a Million Without Showing Your Butthole”. She also hosts her own podcast with her husband, Josh Bowmar. To know more, you may visit her blog You can also give her a follow on Instagram @sarah_bowmar.