The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened humanity globally, and the US is no exception. Today, nothing is more important than staying healthy. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has challenged our perceptions of day-to-day normalcy. Though many are working from home, others are going to their workplace wearing masks, hand gloves, and using sanitizers.

According to an article published on Forbes, the COVID-19 outbreak has been characterized by significant change in our eating habits. We are eating less because there is no guaranteed office lunchtime, weekend dining,or social dinners to delight our taste buds with appetizers and drinks. Not only this, but we have also struggled on a societal level to eat healthily and routinely. Read on to learn about some of the best ways to stay healthy while stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Sarahbeth Hartlage recommends exercise

When you are working more during the pandemic, you should take some time out of your busy schedule to exercise daily. Even 15-20 minutes a day can revolutionize your health and productivity. If the weather is nice outside enjoy some outdoor sports, like walking, running or biking. While partaking in outdoor activities, take care to practice appropriate social distancing.

Take healthy food

It is important to maintain a balanced diet of fresh green vegetables, salads, lean meat, and salmon. If you are bored, you must refrain from mindless eating. Stick to a schedule and try other activities if you find yourself munching on snacks in the middle of the day. Healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts, and low-fat cheese are great substitutes for chips and candies.

Another thing to keep in mind aside from quality of food is the quantity you are consuming. SarahbethHartlageadvises not to overeat, as you may begin to gain weight that you may have been able to avoid. You can eat meals with your family or at specific times to avoid excess consumption. 

Sarahbeth Hartlage talks about sleeping well

Whether you are working from home or at the office, it is imperative you maintain a good sleep schedule. When you are at home, you can take short power naps between assignments if this helps you in being productive. If you do choose to take naps during the day, keep them to 30 minutes or less to prevent them from interfering with your nightly sleep. You should attempt to sleep at least for eight hours every night.

Make sure you switch off all your electronic devices such as TV, laptop, and smartphone once you head to bed. You should also avoid coffee and alcohol at least a couple of hours before you sleep. You can read a book, meditate, or listen to calming music before sleeping, as these relaxing activities can help you sleep better.

Avoid smoking

With ample time at home, you may believe now is the best time to quit smoking. Activities that can help you stop smoking include, but are not limited to, taking a walk around the block, doing Sudoku, solving word puzzles, reading, or drinking refreshing beverage. You can also opt for nicotine replacement therapy like the patch, spray, or lozenges available at drugstores.


You must attempt to maintain a daily schedule to avoid unnecessary stressors during these unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Eating well, sleeping right, and quitting unhealthy habits can help you to succeed and emerge from this lockdown better than you were before.