Sarahbeth Hartlage

The COVID-19 outbreak can feel overwhelming for women owing to new information, caring for family and herself, and long work hours. It is vital to pause for some time and gather her thoughts, as the global outbreak can be taxing. Staying calm can help a great deal. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed during such uncertain times is normal. Emotions in reaction to uncertainty may entail sadness, anger, fear, and anxiety. Women can also feel discouraged, helpless, and at times out of control. The physical responses may comprise sleeplessness, fatigue, muscle tension, and headache. So, every woman should take care of herself in order to help her family through this crisis.

Wellness Tips Women Should Follow According to Sarahbeth Hartlage

  • Greeting the Day- First and foremost, if a woman wakes up in the morning and feels uncertain about the change in routine, she should have a 15-minute time to prepare herself for her day. 15-minutes of self-care is highly recommended the first thing during the morning.
  • Eat Well and Stay Hydrated- Eating and stress do not mix well often, and women find themselves over-indulging, avoiding food altogether, or forgetting to eat. Good nutrition is vital in stressful times, yet trying to boost her immunity with women’s health supplements will not be that helpful as consuming whole foods. Foods that are plant-based, like fruits and leafy vegetables, are highly beneficial for women’s health. Women must increase their consumption of different products to gain more phytonutrients. Most importantly, women must reduce inflammatory foods like bad fats and sugar. Such foods may be tempting when they feel worried or tensed. For best results, women must cook homemade foods using turmeric and ginger. They can add some rosemary to their meals in order to focus. Also, staying hydrated is a must. Drink sufficient water as well as consider black or green tea.
  • Reach Out to People- Women should text, do phone calls, Skype calls, and FaceTime to connect with people and offer support. They can do this for their children too.
  • Self-Care Toolkit- A self-care toolkit can be different for every woman, says Sarahbeth Hartlage. Most successful self-care strategies include a sensory component: the seven senses- smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch, proprioceptive (comforting pressure), and vestibular (movement). An idea for all, a weighted blanket, rocking chair or a small swing, eucalyptus or lavender oil, comforting music, vacation photos, a hot chocolate, a stuffed animal, or a soft blanket. A coloring book, an inspirational book, or a journal is wonderful. Ice packs, Listerine strips, mint gum, and others are excellent for anxiety regulation.
  • Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness- Practicing gratitude and mindfulness are beneficial for a woman’s well-being. To spend time daily to utter positive affirmations for herself can improve her mood and mental health.

During these tough times, women need to have proper emotional well-being to keep going and also keeping her family going. Every woman is a multi-tasker, so she needs to be emotionally sound in order to perform all her duties well.