Sarahbeth Hartlage

You have to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional energies to keep your health and wellbeing safe. Due to the pandemic, many traditional forms of supports are unavailable, such as personal meetings with therapists, gyms, in-person interactions with friends, etc. Fortunately, you have technological outlets to lean on in these challenging times for self-care without having to go outside your house. So, if you worry about keeping yourself fit in this virus situation, there are online classes to get some help. Let’s take a quick look.

Online tools for mental, physical, and emotional support by Sarah beth Hartlage

Working out at home for physical fitness

You can search for online workout portals that offer free yoga, Pilates, mobility, and dance-fit classes for their subscribers. Of these, mobility courses are most coveted as most people work from home, sitting at their laptops for long hours in their chairs. These classes teach you how to relieve tension, get proper posture, and avoid injuries. Such 30-40 minute classes can be useful for anyone. Besides, some platforms also offer phone-based support by guiding people about ways to lead an active lifestyle. If you feel you have to do more activities but unsure what to do, you can consider calling them.

Go for counseling online for a peaceful mind

As SarahbethHartlage rightly points out, the pandemic has been a mentally scarring experience for many, and proof of this is the number of people reaching out to mental health services. If you also think you need to speak to someone, you can check online platforms specializing in this area. Some apps allow you to submit one thought daily to see the impact of the situation on your wellbeing. You can mention your mood, feelings, etc. It will help you observe your thought processes. Besides, you can also share your experiences with the relevant online community.

You can listen to free webinars every month where expert panelists talk about mental health issues and other associated factors, such as loneliness, nutrition, resilience, sleep, and so on. If you want to get rid of stress, you can log in to a place that offers meditation classes for a small-time every day.

Take a sound bath for emotional balance

Health experts believe that certain music or sounds produced by percussion and wind instruments can impact your health positively. It can be useful for fatigue, depression, and stress. When you allow yourself to bask in the waves of sound, you essentially take a sound bath. If you look at alternative medicine-based journals, you will come across the use of chimes, drums, and gongs, for this purpose. With this, a session of meditation can add another layer. And for all this again, you don’t have to step out of your house. Zoom call can sort out everything. Regular practice can help you be mindful, increase your mental and physical flexibility, reduce stress, and feel connected to your body.

Looking into these three aspects of your existence with continuous practice and willingness can enhance your overall experience with your health.