Sarahbeth Hartlage

As the whole world is suffering from coronavirus, it’s is quite difficult to stay positive. People are surrounded by negativity along with news of ailment and death. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to stay positive in such hard situations. Since most of the media channels are showing how coronavirus is affecting businesses, major cities, and economies; it’s easy to get lost in all of the negative thoughts. During such times, even optimism cannot help the stronger people. 

However, we should not focus on every news, media, or article that is talking about the danger of coronavirus. We need to avoid absorbing all the COVID-19 information aside from the safety suggestions. As the news can affect the mind negatively, it’s better to absorb only the necessary information. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 effective tips that can help you stay positive during COVID-19.

Don’t Absorb Everything from Media

During the coronavirus lockdown, many people have rescheduled their hours to read the newspaper or any other COVID-19 related article to learn more about the dangers of COVID-19. Each time you refresh your web browser, an article or news regarding COVID-19 pops up. You should avoid reading the newspaper or watching news channels every hour. You might think that watching the news can help you to learn more about coronavirus. But, those warnings will put stress and negativity on your mental health.

Sarahbeth Hartlage Advises You to Appreciate Your Strengths

You’re a lot stronger than you know. It’s easy to feel hopeless during a pandemic. You might feel weak. However, hope is the only thing that keeps us going. Try to get hope from your previous or past resilience. Be confident about your strength. Before doubting yourself, tell your mind that you’re strong enough to go through this hard situation. You’ve overcome many difficulties in the past because of your confidence and strength, and you will overcome this as well.

Learn New Skills

As most people are staying at home, they have a lot of free time. You might be thinking that how to pass the time without just lying on the bad? Well, now is the best time to start learning new skills. Revive your old hobby or pick a new one to stay happy and engaged during the lockdown. Additionally, most of the time people neglect their physical and mental health, and the lockdown negatively affects them. So, when you learn new hobbies, you will allow your mind to stay busy. Learning new skills is one of the greatest ways to stay positive.

Write Down Some Topics Every Morning

It may sound awkward, but you should write down 5 things that you are grateful for, says Sarahbeth Hartlage. You may think of this as a cliché idea, but writing the things you’re grateful for in the morning can give you a positive mindset to start the day.

Here are the 5 things that you should consider writing:

  • The smooth access you have to nutritious food
  • Close ones or friends or families to talk through
  • Having a roof over your head to keep yourself safe and warm
  • The easy access to water
  • The capability of your body to walk and exercise

Don’t Forget the Random Act of Kindness

As per Forbes, random act of kindness has changed the world. Leave a small gift for your Amazon, FedEx, or food delivery boy. Try to feed the stray cats and dogs in your locality. If your friend is an author, write a book review. Comment and encourage people on the LinkedIn post of a colleague. Apart from this, thank the security guard in your workspace or building for their hard work. Thank the doctors and other health workers who are constantly working extra hours to save as many people as they can. A small random act of kindness can change the entire day of someone.


These are the 5 effective tips that can help you to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these difficult times, instead of giving up, try to find courage. No matter how hard it seems or how difficult the situation is, you should never stop believing in yourself. When you successfully learn to control your mind, you can tackle any negative situations.