Sarahbeth Hartlage

Many people spend their holiday seasons with their families and friends to cherish the joyous time. For others, this time can worsen or bring anxiety, stress, and depression. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have lost their precious ones and will be missing people in the current year. As there are nationwide travel restrictions, it’s difficult to spend time with friends and families. Many people have lost homes and jobs, while others are suffering from a financial crisis. Additionally, doctors and every other healthcare worker are working extra hours while they’re worried about their health as well as their family’s health.

As the season is difficult, we have to learn some methods that can help you to cure mental stresses. You just have to alternate your expectations and work harder. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips that can tackle seasonal depression during COVID-19.

Start with Therapy

As per WHO, depression can lead to suicide. Because of this, therapy is very beneficial to cure the mental state of a person. No matter how awkward it feels, you must talk with a therapist to reveal your problems. Therapists are professional individuals who are also good listeners. Unlike other people, they won’t judge you by your problems. Instead, they will listen closely, and then they will help you to cure your depression. 

Sarahbeth Hartlage Advises You to Accept Your Feelings

When you slow down and start embracing your feelings, it can make your mental state and thoughts less overwhelming. The previous year was undoubtedly too difficult to stay calm. The present year is less difficult but still complicated enough to stress the mind. The stress you’re experiencing could be connected with tons of things including holidays. Take some time to identify your mental state and emotions so that you can come with some strategy to cope with them. Try to meditate or talk with your friends. This is very much helpful for your mental well-being. 

Set Realistic Expectations

No matter what you expect, 2021 will be a lot different from the years past. Connecting with the people you love or spending the holidays with families might not be possible this year. However, don’t stress yourself too much thinking about this. Although it’s completely normal to get upset, don’t let your thoughts control you. You are allowed to be upset about the missed traditions but don’t forget to check your expectations. As expectations lead to heartbreak, try to set realistic goals that are easy to fulfill. This way you can remove the negativity from your mind, says Sarahbeth Hartlage.

Find Something to Celebrate

Even though you know this is not the best year, you can still enjoy the holiday seasons. Find ways to spend some time during the holiday season with your immediate family. If you’re looking for some suggestions, try to drive around and find houses that are decorated, lighting the menorah, baking holiday cookies, or playing a game with precious ones. You may find some new traditions there which can make you happy.

Express Your Gratitude

This is the most important thing to do. Don’t ever forget to express your gratitude from the bottom of your heart. The past year was full of overwhelming fear, anxiety, and depression. There’s no guarantee of what will happen soon. Make sure to be grateful for the important things you have in your life, no matter how large or how small they are. 


These are the 5 ways to tackle seasonal depression during COVID-19. Always treat your mental health as a priority. No matter how hard the situations are, try to remain calm and relaxed. When to stay relaxed in difficult situations, you will come up with ideas that can help you to solve the problem. Additionally, don’t hesitate to talk with your loved one about your mental health. Only they can understand your situation and guide you in the right direction.