Sarahbeth Hartlage

People are currently going through unprecedented times. Women especially find it difficult to balance work and household chores with multiple responsibilities to perform. So, they need to give in a lot of effort to manage their emotions, especially now when they have mixed feelings.  It is natural for women to feel anxiety and waves of panic when seeing a news headline. Getting panicked is not a solution here. Rather maintaining emotional wellness can help.

SarahbethHartlage on 5 Ways Women Can Maintain Emotional Wellness During COVID-19

  • Limit Media-Scrolling through or watching the media can make women more anxious. Visual images and news in excess related to COVID-19 can lead to poor health and stress disorder. Here the best step will be to limit the exposure to coronavirus media to not more than two times daily, that is, checking updates once in the morning and once before dinner. Do not forward any form of alarming COVID-19 headlines to dear ones. Often the media gives an impression of the pandemic in an exaggerated way. So, women should limit media exposure.
  • Eat Well- The right nutrition will boost a woman’s mood. When under stress, women have a tendency to eat comfort foods that are high in sugar and carbs that impact their mood, says SarahbethHartlage. As per research, the Mediterranean diet is linked with better stress resilience and mental health, and junk food is linked to anxiety and depression. Women should fill their home when possible with whole foods, frozen vegetables, and fresh produce.
  • Relaxation and Focused Meditation- Every woman should take 10 minutes daily to power down the TV, switch off the phone, and simply be. She should consider sitting down with her legs folded. A woman can lie on the grass and stare at the sky. She should breathe in and out repeatedly. Deep breaths possess a means of helping her center her thoughts.
  • Spend Alone Time- Every woman should spend some time alone. She can relax in a shower or hide in the closet. Women should spend that extra 5-10 minutes in a shower. It is vital that women not isolate themselves, but spending a little time alone will help to ground her emotions and relax her brain. Cleaning, swinging, running, cooking, drawing, yoga, writing, or reading can help her reconnect and recharge. When a woman takes good care of herself, she can automatically look after others well.
  • Get Some Sunshine- Women can go outside to be with nature by maintaining a safe distance from others. But if this is not possible, then a woman can create her own paradise via playing the recordings of the ocean, trees, or birds. Being with nature is good for one’s physical and mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down. The implemented protective measures are essential, yet also had an impact on the emotional wellbeing of women. There has been an increase in sadness, anger, anxiety, and fear due to the new rules imposed for the pandemic. So, women, please follow the tips mentioned above to maintain your emotional wellbeing and stay happy and healthy.