Sarahbeth Hartlage

Times are challenging amid the corona crisis and you must be more careful to keep your emotions under control. You may experience much mixed feelings, some good, a few bad, making you feel down and depressed. Then, if you think too much about the deadly virus spread, death tolls in the US and around the world, it may give you panic attacks. The medical professionals are therefore advising people to keep their minds busy with work and hobbies to make the best out of their time.

According to an article in Forbes, the increase in mental health concerns amid COVID-19 is another challenge in America.

In this article, we will talk about mental health and dealing with the crisis. Read on to learn more.

Sarahbeth Hartlage advises staying safe from the infection

You need to ensure personal hygiene like washing hands and social distancing to overcome the mental fear of contracting the infection. Washing hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitizer will help you reduce the chances of virus transmission. It is a crucial aspect of managing fear and anxiety amid the pandemic. Stay home most of the time when you have an option of remote working. You may go out only when necessary, else not.

When you are within the safety of your home, you know that you are meeting people outside and therefore, have no possibility of catching the infection. This is essential for peace and sound mental health.

Get warmth and social support through video calls and text messages

You are maintaining social distancing, but then, you can always get some love, warmth, and support from your friends and loved ones through video calls and text messages. Sarahbeth Hartlage thinks that communicating with family and friends alleviates the feeling of isolation and helps you talk about how you spent the day or the movie you watched. You can talk about good, happy things to lift your mood.

These days, you have many options to chat with your friends even when you are not meeting them in person. You have calls, video conferencing, emails, social media, and emails. The resources are unlimited and so you need to make the most out of them to stay happy.

Besides love, support, and warmth, staying connected with your loved ones help you keep anxiety and pessimistic feelings at bay. You can build a feeling of belongingness through chat and social media apps to kill the negativity surrounding the corona crisis.

Practice patience, kindness, and empathy

Times are difficult for all and you are not alone. Therefore, take care of your emotional health and practice patience, kindness, and empathy. Remember all are facing the same consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and we need to deal with them together. Showing kindness to others will make you feel better so that you can appreciate the bond, love, and interconnectedness. When you help people in need is essential to brave the pandemic and make your days more meaningful. It will lift your mood and make you feel better to fight negativity.


Keep these ideas in mind to stay mentally happy at these challenging times. It is easy to feel depressed. The real victory is when you overcome the challenges and stay happy and healthy, physically and mentally.