‘Ecom Capital’ is a leading company, established by two dynamic entrepreneurs Sasha Karabut & Fletcher Ladd who are specialised in guiding businesses and kickstarting profitable e-commerce stores within a timeline of 90 days. 

‘Ecom Capital’ is one of the fastest growing companies in the e-commerce sector. The company has grown from a mere size of two employees to over a hundred talented workforce who have lent their expertise to big names like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Nike, Apple & Shopify. The unique business model and on going coaching support by Sasha and Fletcher allows the company to support aspiring entrepreneurs to build a profitable e-commerce store within 90 days. Additionally to building a business they also help investors to add profitable stores to their portfolio. 

We wonder what made these two entrepreneurs enter the E-commerce space as Sasha was previously into the automotive repair business whereas Fletcher was already acquainted with the E-commerce business. 

Working together, both realised to fill each other’s gaps, empowering their strength and up level each other’s skills could make an impact in the ecommerce industry. The secret of their successful partnership is their immense support and motivation for each other and their unified vision which aims at taking their company to the next level. The dynamic entrepreneur duo are on their way to improve their product to a much advanced stage, optimising it to the highest level and make it one of the best in the near future. 

Sasha and Fletcher were never driven by money. These two are driven by heart and passion. To grow a business like Ecom Capital shows brave, time and commitment. Fletcher explains, Ecom Capital was never about how to capitalise for ourselves, it was about how we can use the resources we earn and put them back into the machine and see the output grow, we like seeing the impact from an economic perspective. You need to have the dream and the vision to see where you want to succeed with your business so said Sasha “We have the vision to be the best in the market at what we do, and until that is brought to fruition I know the both of us won’t stop. know more ecom capital