Exercise equipment

Without a doubt some of the most unused items in a household are tada, Exercise machines and equipment.

From treadmills to ellipticals all can be found at a huge discount on the used market.

Treadmills are cumbersome and hard to move and as a result can be found at deep discounts.

Ensure treadmill is working and ensure you have enough space for it.

Don’t be afraid to get on the treadmill and test it. Oftentimes treadmills will appear to work but can be broken when you actually put weight on it.

Of course a variety of equipment can be found everywhere from brick and mortar stores who specialize in sporting goods to craigslist and of course other resale apps.

If you value being able to see the item before purchase consider going to a thrift store or second hand sporting good specialty store.

However, If you know what you want, do some research and find the model you want. No don’t worry you aren’t going back to school a simple search for recalls is imperative.


This one is big,  especially since fast fashion is quickly making a mess of rivers and streams in third world countries. Vintage clothing has made a huge comeback and used clothing of great quality can be had for pennies on the dollar. Check thrift stores, ebay, and other apps.

Personally thrift stores which give back to a charity are a great way to support charities as well as keep clothing from going to a landfill.

Often you can find great and “expensive” top quality clothing items for prices so cheap they will make you wonder why you have been purchasing mediocre quality new clothing.

So give it a go, try being eco friendly, buy second hand clothing.

Camping Supplies

Camping supplies are so plentiful in the resale market it makes me you why anyone continues to buy new camping supplies. Camping stoves, propane lanterns and other essentials can be had for 1/10th of the retail value.

Also, it’s important to note most people don’t use their camping supplies more than a few times a season. Expect the best deals at garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores.

Flea markets and swap meets are another resource but generally provide a lower quality product.


This is a no brainer as the average car depreciates by 19% the very first year of purchase. Talk about a depreciation.

The amazing thing about second hand cars is you can get a used 2017 or a used 1937 the choice is yours!

Of course the most important thing to remember about buying a used car is to bring a knowledgeable mechanic to thoroughly inspect it.

Be smart, remember the point is to save money not get screwed.


Without a doubt furniture is one of those things you should buy second hand. Why? It’s actually made of wood and it doesn’t contribute to additional logging or deforestation.

Used furniture can be had for pennies on the dollar. Why? Furniture is usually big and takes up a lot of real estate in a store or warehouse.

As a matter of fact some individuals end up paying junk removal companies for disposal. Get the picture?

To top it off another obstacle to selling used furniture is changing market trends. Often times old furniture is seen as dated or not desirable during trendy times.

Thrift stores, used furniture stores and online resources are great places to find used furniture to match almost any style.

Even particle board furniture has been known to be made of ground up virgin forest product. Without a doubt shocking.