Human existence is the combination of multiple energies, and to our dismay, we only focus on the physical one. I call it nothing but injustice to self. Being unaware of this fact is an excuse because once the body grows, our mind and soul develop too. Leaving out the exceptional cases, the following energies are considered to be vital ones:

  • Physical Energy
  • Mental Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Chemical Energy
  • Spiritual Energy

People who keep a fine balance among these energies live life to its fullest. By keeping a fine balance, I don’t mean to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, never let negativity overcome any of these 5 energies directly or indirectly.

Since the debate is a never-ending one, I want to share 5 methods through which you can preserve your crucial energy that easily gets poisoned in today’s era. Yes, it’s the emotional energy I want to talk about.

Emotional Energy – A Simple Overview

It’s the energy that is responsible for how we are going to feel in life. Emotional energy is utilised when we think, see, or hear anything that triggers our emotions. No matter if the triggered emotion is positive (happiness) or negative (envious), we consume some quantity of that energy from the reservoir fitted in our brain.

When we wake up, our brain is recharged with several magnitudes of emotional energy. That energy is enough to spend a healthy day only if nothing devours that emotional energy. Now, what eats the emotional energy away? Thoughts & acts that possess negative vibes! They can come from anyone, anything, even from your own-self.

No matter how delightful your day is passing, there is one person whose physical or intellectual presence contaminates your whole mood, leaving you with negative emotional energy. Your enjoyment ceases to make you happy anymore because you are thinking something that doesn’t adjust well with your emotional caliber.

I believe everyone has set some kind of emotional standard below which things become unable to bear. People who are triggered easily, their emotional standard is quite low. And people who usually are deceived at the cost of their forgiveness, their emotional standard is at its peak. I don’t want you to establish either standard but a moderate one. And that’s the first trick to preserve emotional energy.

1. Set Emotional Standard

It varies from person to person. The level of tolerance is God-gifted because it makes you emotionally strong. But if you practice being easy every time, people will exploit you.

Too much leverage is harmful.

Being born independent, it’s human nature to go against what’s been commanded. And that’s the essence of submitting ourselves to the Almighty. No matter how strong desire is there in your heart, you have to decide with sound emotion and shrewd intelligence.

When you consciously set the emotional standard, your brain follows your actions. You begin to perceive situations more clearly, and eventually, your emotional energy is not used ineffectively.

2. Ask Yourself Questions Frequently

To consciously set emotional standards is the first link of the chain. When you do this, everything comes in line. And here is the second trick:

Keep yourself vigilant of your actions.

Whatever you are about to do, think rationally. People don’t know what they are doing, and still, they work on correcting others. Bruh! Go clean yourself first!

Asking questions inside your head is a healthy practice. It will save not only your emotional energy but every other energy that makes you a human. Better than good, you begin to stay silent because you know where to speak. You remain still because you know when to act. That’s a sign of maturity too.

3. Act Without Delay

Cut off the wire of procrastination from your life, and you will see the change you want.

Words speak louder than actions, but acting is a necessity too. Think big and write down your goals, and when things are normal, take action. The more you delay, the more slothful you will become. And believe me, people who are habitual procrastinators, their life events are delayed by years.

Also, don’t forget to plan because, without planning, the probability of failure becomes bigger than success.

4. Don’t Let Social Media Get Into Your Head

Again, don’t deactivate your Facebook account because there are several benefits you get through social media without any cost. And when you think deeper,

Social media platforms don’t kill your money, but time, health, and prosperity.

Call it an agenda or whatever you like because it’s really worsening the quality of life. Use social media for a sound purpose, and there is no problem at all. Once you involve yourself in social media entirely, your conscious efforts to keep an emotional standard go void. Not everything on social media is for you. If you can see a post, it doesn’t mean that it’s personally there on your screen for you.

Social media horribly drains emotional energy. You share your emotional competence in places where there’s absolutely no need. And when the concentration of positive emotional energy becomes lower, negativity dominates.

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

5. Take Breaks to Recharge Your Energy

It’s a personal need because living in a world of infinite engagements, the mind gets occupied with so many futile thoughts. When we sleep, the thoughts are flushed away. But the effects seldom leave. That’s why a healthier solution recommends to take long breaks at least once a year.

Cash your vacations to live life happily.

Spend time in places where nature is prominent. The micro radiations around which we sit and work infiltrate our bodies and suck out the positive energies, leaving behind only darkness. That darkness reduces our efficiency, and we no more remain capable of doing something productive. Every attempt towards making an emotional standard goes in void.

Take out some time for yourself and live the nature that literally was made for you. Sit under the blue sky, listen to the silence of the ocean, feel the wind in jungles, produce a vocal echo in the mountains, do whatever you want to do. The only condition is to get closer to nature because only then can you replenish your emotional and other energies.

These tricks require nothing but your own presence. You have to be mindful of where your mind gets attracted. Find out why you become emotionally tired. Activities that are unhealthy, avoid them. The establishing of an emotional standard is the only method through which you can control your emotional energy. And once your emotional energy is successfully preserved, you shall see the change in your relationships, career, and personal life.