Anxiety is something I deal with on a daily basis. And I do mean every day. It’s only magnified when there’s actually something to feel anxious about- like a big presentation at work, waiting to hear some very important news, or in the past-even by my job.

Sunday Scaries, Sunday night blues, they’re just different names for the same feeling of anxiety that many of us experience before heading back to work on Monday. Instead of sitting in this experience and finding comfort (while minimal) in sharing it with others, I craved resolution. To illuminate the path to a place of peace, not  accepting this consistent feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty. 

I like to face fear, not run from it. I like to find solutions for things that might be troubling me in my life. And this was no different. 

See my tips for overcoming “Sunday Scaries” below!

1. Make a List

I am an obsessive list maker. Shopping, daily to-do’s, packing for a trip, you name it and I’ve got a list for it. While yes, I would call myself a type-A personality, this is less about organization and more about mental health. Making lists helps me get all the clutter that’s in my head onto a piece of paper, leaving more room for me to fill my mind with positive thoughts and relaxation. I always take time on Sunday to make a list for the week ahead so I don’t feel frazzled when I walk into the office on Monday.

2. Wake Up Early

I know some of you are reading this going “WHAT?!” Believe me, I am too as I’m writing this. I cherish the days I can sleep in and would give an 18-year-old a run for her money. I can still sleep until 11:30am (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) but I only give myself this luxury on Saturday. Waking up early on Sunday gets me back into my routine and it also gives me time to get myself together. Want to prep for those 5 meetings you have on Monday and get a manicure, and meal prep and get a blowout? If you’re up at 9, you have all the time in the world! I find waking up early on Sundays not only gives me the time I need to get things done, but also gives me time back at the end of the day to really calm my mind before the start of a new week.

3. Clean Your Room

During finals week of my first year of graduate school I was living with my one of my best friends and we were overwhelmed to say the least. Our rooms were right across from one another and both absolute disaster zones. She looked at me and said- “I feel like my room is a reflection of my mental state” I thought – that is so true. Sometimes I’m in my room and I don’t recognize its me who lives there! – clothes everywhere, bed unmade, multiple glasses of water sprinkled throughout, underwear on the floor – and I really feel like it contributes to how I feel about my week and myself. I always make an effort to clean my room on Sundays to signify a productive and organized week ahead.

4. Find Another Job

Do not read this and quit your job. BUT, if the source of your anxiety is coming from your profession, if you absolutely DREAD going into work every day, and spend more time unhappy than enjoying the work you do and the people around you, it’s time to look for something else. I know the thought of this is scary, and after experiencing something like the Recession many of you might be thinking – I’m just lucky to have a job at all! You spend so much of your time at work, too much to be unhappy and extremely anxious. Our time here is finite. This is it. There are other jobs, really! And ones that you might be so much better suited for. An amazing opportunity that doesn’t leave you with Sunday Scaries could be waiting right around the corner for you.


  • Amanda Thigpen

    Amanda is the Co-Founder of lifestyle site Mela Moda, and works in the health and beauty industry.

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