We were all there, in it together as they say, suddenly thrust into the new world where staying in became the place to be. Working from home, schooling from home, shopping from home, online cooking classes, online trivia nights with friends, online exercise classes, zoom zoom zooming friends from all over the world, reading, writing, Scrabbling, Netflixing and the list goes on. Sound familiar?

Through it all a whole new level of mindfulness emerged where I discovered a new skill and made the most valuable new connection ever. A connection with myself that had been somewhat buried under a hurried, over scheduled, ambitious, hard working entrepreneur, business partner, executive coach, mum, wife, daughter, friend that I am.

As I was auto piloting my way through my life and work, I did not know at that time that the greatest treasure of self-discovery was
yet to come. A whole new level of connection with myself was emerging, bringing a new skill and heightened self awareness.

The skill of noticing what was happening within myself, all around me, and
with my loved ones was becoming more polished. To say it was an awakening of sorts makes me feel uncomfortable as that would somehow imply that before staying in I must have been “not awake” and yet, that is exactly how it feels. Like the cliche of finding yourself, when I was there all along, just not tuned in enough to my own radio frequency.

The oblivion of self within pre covid daily life had somehow blurred my vision and clouded my ability to tap into the richness that lay within me. Only revealed through the act of slowing down, having time to think and focusing on what truly matters.

This sharpened my powers of observation and brought a new level of clarity, renewed energy and laser like focus that had been missing. A restorative and nurturing period which rekindled a desire to write, to read, to learn, to breath, to stretch, to laugh, to spend time with the kids and to simply be. Resulting in more flow in my work, a desire to do deeper work, to make more of a difference to others. To be more comfortable in my own skin, trusting in my own abilities and intuition.

I can see clearly now, through being reset, a new beginning, like looking through the eyes of a child with the wisdom and hindsight of adulthood. My new best friend, my most prized covid connection was found within myself and she is a connection I am adamant to keep around for a long, long time to come.