As I look back at 2018, more than anything, I’m grateful that I didn’t set any resolutions for myself. Instead, I had one theme that I wanted to base my choices around: Wellness.

The great thing about the word “wellness” is that I got to choose what it meant for me. I was able to evolve and grow within wellness, instead of bending my life to fit into the constraints of “resolutions”.

What did #YearOfWellness help me achieve?

  1. Upon graduating from occupational therapy, taking the plunge to invest in a therapist
  2. Digging deep into my insecurities and anxieties and learning how to challenge them
  3. Learning to be patient with myself! (It’s okay if you don’t achieve what you set out to, you can try again tomorrow.)
  4. Accepting I needed help in my fitness journey, and investing in a personal trainer (lost 20lbs and gained SO much confidence)
  5. Challenging myself to work smarter and find solutions that benefit everyone at my org
  6. Taking time off to rediscover myself and travel to Dubrovnik on my own (Croatia, I’ll be back!)
  7. Retraining myself how to read, be mindful, and be present

I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in 2018 and grateful for those in my life that have guided and supported me.

What is my theme for 2019? Balance.

I’ve worked so hard on different areas of my life in 2018 that I’m now reaching a tipping point where I have to start shifting my attention and focus rather than trying to do everything at once.

I look forward to sharing my #YearOfBalance stories with you!

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