April is stress-awareness month and, as I’m sure that you are very well aware, we’ve had a stressful year. Part of what’s made it worse has been the increased difficulty balancing work and life when we are always at home and always on. As a result, our self-care has also fallen to the bottom of our to-do lists, particularly for women who’ve had additional stressors dumped on top of us while juggling both our professional and family responsibilities.

No need to continue to pull your hair out, though. Stress is something that you can work to lessen. But, and here’s a little secret, it is ultimately up to you. Your balance and self-care are your own responsibility– no one else is going to stress about them for you. So what can you do to improve?

  • Don’t overcommit. There are only so many hours in the day so you must get control of your schedule. Learn to streamline, delegate and outsource when and where you can. Why not shop online or hire a digital assistant to help you progress in terms of goals? Getting a little additional help can be life-changing (you’re welcome).
  • Learn to say no! I know that it can be uncomfortable to say no, but it is important for you to do so and not feel bad about it. One simple rule of thumb that I use when deciding what I will and will not do is to ask myself if the activity means anything to me personally or furthers my goals. If not, I decline politely and so should you.
  • Ditch Guilt. There is so much guilt placed upon us both by society and ourselves. Don’t beat yourself up. There is not a single perfect person out there- don’t believe what you see on Instagram. It’s only an illusion. Never feel guilty about what you are or are not doing- just do you. Your version- nobody else’s rules or expectations.
  • Boundaries. Ensure that you are sticking to a routine that caters to all aspects of your life with set stop and start times for all of your activities (both personal and professional). You can find the time for everything that is important to you- don’t make excuses and grab hold of your day.
  • Take Care of You. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, incorporating fitness activities and doing something to grow your mind, spirit and heart. Meditate, go for a run, read a new book or watch an old movie- you need it and deserve it.

    The healthier and more in balance you are, the happier and more in balance your world will be. Just say no to stress!

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  • Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

    Author, Corporate Trainer, Business Mentor, Consultant

    Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, LLC

    Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD is business mentor, higher education and writing consultant, corporate trainer (Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD, LLC) and author of Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur (McGraw Hill). She is also the host of Launch, a TV show which streams on Amazon Fire, AppleTV and Roku (D B TV), and an expert on Quora's Business, Education and Society spaces. Additionally, Charlene teaches business and entrepreneurship courses at UCONN and the University of Alaska, was selected as one of 150 Marketers to Follow by Rubicly, and is featured among other CEOs, influencers and celebrities on the BAM Network.