Saying NO and setting boundaries can be liberating.

Every time you allow yourself to say “NO” to these, you say “YES” to your growth.

Saying NO and setting boundaries can be liberating.
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Saying NO and setting boundaries can be liberating.

I live by these words:

“If it doesn’t help you grow, let go.”

And it’s also the advice I give people who tend to worry too much nowadays.

Admittedly, adjusting into the new normal is not that easy at first.

However, it’s very much possible.

By simply starting to say “NO” to all things that shouldn’t matter now.

Allow me to share with you the top 5 in my list:

  • Say NO to resisting change

I totally understand that life used to be better before. Know though that nowadays, things are different. Come from a space of openness instead. And allow yourself to beautifully grow in harmony with change.

  • Say NO to thinking you’re alone

Wherever you are now, whatever you’re going through, always remember that help is readily available. Allow yourself to reach out and ask. That’s one of the highest forms of self love – to seek and accept help that you want and deserve. Trust that somewhere out there, someone is meant to journey with you through tough times. You’re never alone.

  • Say NO to toxic people

The beauty of social distancing is that you no longer have to come up with an excuse to avoid people who make you feel less than you really are. Trust me, you don’t need to surround yourself with negativity as you need to focus on your own growth and well being. Strive to create new meaningful connections instead as you break away from old ones which drained you from the start.

  • Say NO to blaming yourself and others

No sense of pointing fingers now. Better to start taking responsibility of your life. Being able to read this means that you are still very much capable to do something about your life and improve it tremendously there after. It’s not selfish to focus on what makes you happy, complete and fulfilled and find ways on how you can turn your life around.

  • Say NO to just accepting things without discerning

Intentional living is key. Choose what you consume. On social media. On your table. Even when it comes from people around you. Retain only what could be of great value to you. After all, you are the best person to know what would serve you well in the long run, and no one else.

By saying NO to all these things, you are saying YES to becoming the person you’re meant to be during this pandemic: your own #bestmeever .

And that itself, is something to look forward to.