Depression and Anxiety (7 significant ways to enhance life and wellbeing)

Extremely stressful life and modern gazetteers had made life disturbed.
People lack relaxation and due to programmed work and fixed routine they are seeking to some sort of relief in form of peace. Which means that yes, the balance of life is missing that indirectly triggers various unresolved and impulsive issues.
It’s time to take a pleasing initiative by making a difference in your life by opting some disciplinary action.
Harnessing healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, practising yoga, meditation and deep breathing techniques can all together bridge the gap. Defeat the hectic scheduled life with a step up to walk towards positive living. It’s not that hard as assumed rather it’s just a matter of a determined mind set and discipline. Besides, you’re surely going to reap s brighter harvest of a healthy and peaceful life.

1. Discontinue prevailing into someone else’s life. Sadness ensues when we wake up one day and realize that, we aren’t living our  life but following other people, and we fade our own instincts, while trying to please everyone around. Your life is yours; you are solely responsible for adding peace and happiness in your life, no one else. If you need to set boundaries or disengage with certain negative influences in your
life, developing the courage to follow our own outlook as it has a
way of elating our emotional state and eliminating the current state of mind, of being trapped and “jammed,” which are the two of the leading causes of depression and anxiety.

Break relating to others, comparing ourselves to other people is
one of the fastest ways to worsen depression and anxiety. Sure, it can
sometimes drive us to work harder or get motivated, but often,
we feel insufficient and under. This is pointless besides a tremendous
waste of time, that energy could be utilised for doing something progressive and fruitful. As a motivator, I can assure you that the neighbour or friend you envy for their expensive car or elegant house has just as many problems as you. Try to focus on yourself, your own betterment, and your own life. Don’t preoccupy your precious time here on earth about other people.

2. Discussion and exchange of ideas are better talk to people, so many depressed people are everywhere and when misfortunes cloud they feel lonely, alone, and unloved. They can go days or sometimes even weeks without having a talk with another human being. This notch of remoteness worsens temperament. The simple act of talking to another person, of opening a conversation and letting words come out, can lift temperament instantly.

Say ‘hello’, to the friendly counter clerk at the store, or informally compliment someone while crossing by at public places like a mall or railway station, or just smile at a stranger. Notice how you feel better instantaneously!

3. Choose a Goal, any goal It doesn’t material if you have a trivial goal or a vast goal, but whatever it is, try to work in the direction of it, gradually. A life spent nomadic and pointlessly without any purpose creates a sense of uneasiness, then frustration envelopes our peace of mind, contributing significantly to thefeelings of depression and anxiety.

Even a goal as simple as “I want to lose weight in two months”, or “I will go for a evening walk o matter what”, is a great way to get smashed out of the sadness. If you dedicate yourself to do something that has personal implication to you, your life will have more course and focus. Pick achievable goals that are easy to sustain, and watch your attitude lift over time.

4. Read about spirituality and motivation. This may seem like a strange
idea, but even for the diehard disbelievers and doubters out there,
reading books on spirituality or motivation can help us see the big,
cosmic and collective picture of the universe also help us regain a sense of well-being and calmness in our own lives. Brooding the great questions
of life and understanding the complexity of the universe may help us take our old selves, transforming us to accept and adapt life instead of perfection!

5. Take Your Vitamins Doctors do recommend 
vitamins to patients experiencing depression and anxiety in combination
with psychiatric medications if those are needed, and the results have been
very positive. Study has shown that taking vitamins can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety along with regular nutritive food the entire range of B vitamins, including vitamins B12, B6, and folate, may also
be helpful in regulating stressful conditions.

6. Experience the Bliss of Quiet Time. People who extract some time out for
themselves on a daily or weekly basis, whether through yoga, meditation,
reading a good book, daily prayer, or even a warm bath, often feel calmer
and more at peace with themselves and everyone around.

Chaotic lifestyle and work pressure adds more stress and complexity. Daily complications and minor disputes of life get you down. Even if just for 15 minutes a day, quiet time can instantly transform your state of mind and helps you retain control over your life. It’s like you clear all the emotional clutter, that all uninvited thoughts, those were troubling keeping your mind occupied are now relaxed. Yoga helps you to be more focused more in peace and you feel energetic thru out the day.

7. Write It Out Journal a personal diary or a written record of your thoughts
can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with temper ailments. The
mere act of writing down our thoughts and emotional state can serve as a reflective cleansing, and is specifically supportive if we are uncomfortable expressing ourselves verbally or hesitate to communicate.

Often, we simply feel restored and less stressed after methodically cataloguing through our emotions on the written page decluttering the complexities that were piled up over a long time. In fact, you must work on your happiness, it won’t just happen on its own. Happiness is a state of mind that takes practice, effort, and vigilance. You must be willing to take a hard look at your life, cut out bad habits and people, and make changes in your own internal expectations and behaviour.

But relax! You have all the time in the world. My most vital recommendation is to not take things so instantly and to stop making life serious. Try to have as pleasant and peaceful a time, as you can, during your time on planet earth… you deserve. Take some effort to ensure that, you’re living life to your fullest potential.
When your mind, body, soul  are more synchronized, you’re entitled to the key benefits of peace and happiness .

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