Our attitude toward Scarcity and Abundance influences our success, therefore creates the reality around us. Is there NOT ENOUGH or is there ALWAYS MORE?

  • Do you feel energised, grab new opportunities than are bigger than yourself?
  • Are you mentally and emotionally adaptable to change?
  • Do you experience flow, alertness and being in the moment?
  • Do you have the security and confidence of being able to embrace life adventures?

The way you think about the situation has a substantial impact on the way you handle stress, work with others, your level of resilience and the success you experience in the world.

Most people are entrenched in a ‘scarcity mindset’ – focusing on limitations and lack. Common self-talk includes; Life is unfair, change is too hard, it just can’t be done, there is not enough (money, resource, time, energy), what is the point of doing anything.

People believe there are no other options possible.

Leaders who have a scarcity mindset are negatively impacting their organizational culture. When a leader perceives a lack of resources, money, or opportunities, it is inviting in dysfunctional work politics, fear, and paranoia. As a result of this mindset creativity, innovation and team work are negatively impacted and in some cased destroyed. This also created hostile environments where it is unsafe to be vulnerability or make and correct mistakes.

In contrast, a leader with an abundance mindset will empower those around them to grow, be authentic and develop their skills further. This creates an environment of openness, opportunity and recognition. A leader with an Abundance Mindset does not feel threatened and is genuinely happy for others to succeed and thrive. They will also invest in their own self-development to flourish in all areas of life – physical, mental, emotional, financial, career and spiritual. Abundance opens up a plethora of possibilities, creative thinking, innovative opportunities and strengthens team cohesion.

An Abundance Mindset is cultivated from a sense of personal self-worth, a genuine self-belief and knowing of one’s strengths, and security in one’s leadership abilities.

Mindsets are contagious

Limit your time with the people who pull you down, think there is never enough time, not enough resources, and that life is not on my side. The key is to switch from being a scarcity thinker to being an abundance believer.

How can you cultivate an Abundance Mindset?

  1. Become aware of your thoughts/language – are your thoughts based on lack, scarcity or fear? Rather than thinking/saying ‘I can’t do that’, flip it around to ‘How can I…’. Change ‘There’s not enough’, to ‘’there’s always more – how can we make that happen’?
  2. Appreciate your team and colleagues let them know how much you value their contribution. The more genuine appreciation you give to individuals, the more positive influence you will have.
  3. Choose opportunity – the next time your team experiences a set-back, flip it around to see opportunity. Problems will disappear and options will be created.
  4. Find your tribe – be around people who exude an attitude of flourishing and thriving. Connect with the people who share your Abundance Mindset.
  5. Learn about yourself – develop a curiosity about yourself and others. Cultivating a growth mindset will enhance your Abundance Mindset. When you are open to learn, and engage in new opportunities (without being defensive or territorial) then you will create abundance thinking.

    Cultivating your Abundance Mindset takes daily action – nothing more,  nothing less.

    We are all leaders of ourselves regardless of our job title! We can thrive and flourish, empower and inspire ourselves and others to lead lives of authenticity. As YOU enhance and intensify your Abundance Mindset you will have a positive ripple effect on all the people you come in contact with on a daily basis.